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    Apple Mac & OS X, plus iOS, iDevice (iPhone & iPad) news for New Zealanders
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    mac-nz posts the latest Apple Mac and iOS (iPhone, iPad) news for New Zealand, covering Apple Mac hardware, software and Mac and iPhone accessories, to make it easy to find the most up-to-date reviews and information on Apple Mac and Mac-related products.
    • Apple hires med star
      Apple adds med star to its staff — A roundup of recent hardware reviews on TUAW
    • Futurology 331 ~ Kepler's planet
      Even more Earth-like planet — Putting your money on the future of tech — Wind monster in Scotland — Scientists to power homes with toilet flushes — Magic material is both a reflecting mirror and a see through window
    • Unclaimed WWDC tickets
      Apple offering chance to buy unclaimed WWDC tickets — John Sculley regrets ousting Steve Jobs — Sketch 3 makes a great design tool even better — OmniOutliner 4 Pro review: top-notch Mac outliner gets a new interface — Pixelmator on sale, and getting new repair tool
    • When iPhoto isn't enough
      When iPhoto isn't enough — Mac Pro still hard to get — Data swiped from LaCIe — Death of Steve Jobs prompted Samsung’s U-turn on Apple attack ads
    • Mac Desks
      Mac Desks — And the opposite: a Mac graveyard — Cut and paste between Mac and iDevice — Apple antitrust compliance efforts slow, but picking up, monitor says — Microsoft’s new cheaper 365 subscription is Office on one (not 5) Mac & iPad
    • Cook and app news
      Auburn University honours Tim Cook — Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth coming to Mac this year — Digital design app Sketch 3 released for Mac — Microsoft OneNote for Mac review: Compelling but not yet ready to compete with Evernote — Heartbleed and 1Password — TypeStatus beta tweak for Mac puts iMessage typing indicators in your menu bar
    • Tim Cook vs discrimination
      Tim Cook versus discrimination — SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition incorporates Rush Hour expansion, exclusively in Mac App Store — Apple releases iMovie for Mac 10.0.3 with new sorting options, improved titles, more — Apple says Heartbleed security flaw did not affect its software or services — Connecting two Macs using Thunderbolt — Apple takes over hydroelectric plant project near its Oregon data centre — Apple hires new marketing muscle — Apple updates standalone FaceTime app for Snow Leopard users with connection bug fix —
    • Futurology 330 ~ Space, jellyfish & more
      The mysterious honeycomb structures on Mars — Recognising alien life — Finding Branson's space inspiration — Lasers versus lightning — 3D display uses light and fog — Do it yourself origami robots — Jellyfish nappies — Handhled jet-thrusters
    • More on Heartbleed, & news
      Manage your passwords and protect yourself from Heartbleed — Two more companies announce they're suing Apple — Next-gen faster Haswells chips out as soon as next month, could find their way into upgraded MacBook and iMacs — Macs fall to 4th (or 3rd) best-selling computer in USA
    • Heartbleed critical, widespread
      Why the OpenSSL Heartbleed bug doesn't affect OS X or OS X Server — Critical, widespread Heartbleed bug and you: how to keep your private info safe — Adobe patches a critical flaw in Flash Player and AIR shown at Pwn2Own contest — Answering Google's most asked questions about Apple — Funny Mr Jobs — AppleCare covers much more than you may have thought
    • Some to go to WWDC
      Developers win the WWDC lottery — New aerial photos of the site of Apple’s new ‘spaceship’ campus — Don't buy anything Apple! (For a couple of months anyway) — Intel reckons Thunderbolt Macs will be able to directly connect with Thunderbolt PCs —
    • WWDC ticket lottery closed
      The WWDC ticket lottery is closed — LaCie introduces Thunderbolt 2 4K solutions at NAB, highlights 8big Rack full of 6TB Seagate Drives — Best portable hard drives — VirusBarrier X8 and NetBarrier X8
    • Kare & responsibility
      Apple's passes $70 million in contributions to AIDS research — more info on WWDC — Battery Diag helps you keep an eye on your laptop battery — Iconic Susan Kare
    • Futurology 329 ~ Serial Killer Galaxy
      Serial Killer Galaxy — Living on Mars will drive you crazy — Can NASA ethically justify sending humans to Mars? Solar flare over Iceland — Skydiver captures meteorite — Climate changes are overwhelming, says UN — Biocomputing — DARPA embraces nature — Floating super gas factories — Why Zebras have stripes
    • WWDC 2014, June 2-6
      WWDC 2014 will take place June 2-6 — Renewable iCloud — Apple, Microsoft and others group to lobby against upcoming patent troll legislation — Expect faster MacBooks with longer battery-life thanks to DDR4 RAM
    • Greenpeace, iWork updated
      Greenpeace smiles upon Apple — Apple updates iWork for Mac, iOS, and iCloud — Adobe announces new features for After Effects, Premiere Pro & more for Creative Cloud — Hide your files — Safari updated — Updates for the Mac Pro you haven't got yet — iAd Workbench for all
    • Apple is 38
      April 1st was Apple's 38th birthday — Apple Q2 earnings call for 23rd — Apple's mice — Mac Pro shipping estimates slip again — Macworld's Fools of the Year
    • World Backup Day
      World Backup Day: Let's be careful out there — Everweb
    • Macworld
      Macworld in slideshow — Thunderbolt takes over
    • Futurology 328 ~ Yes Big Bang
      Big Bang evidence — Waves on Titan — World's biggest telescope — MUFO — Clear sun energy — Sun poop torching — Wearable antenna — New Caledonian crows as smart as 7-year-old humans — Chernobyl's forests are only half-speed rotting — Mazda's next engines could be more efficient than electric
    • Gandalf
      Magical big MacBook Pro — Mac OS X adoption slower than for iOS — Sonnet rack mount for Mac Pro — New OmniFocus — Western Digital announces Thunderbolt-powered HD — BusyMac launches all-new Mac contact-manager
    • Going a-Viking
      Viking game for Mac — Blackberry sues when staffer tries to leave for Apple — iDrive has 50% off special — The ultimate Mac user's guide to Minecraft on OS X mods, skins, and more
    • Concussion, Simpsons, lobbyist
      Your Verse tackles sports concussions — Apple references in The Simpsons — Apple finds new Washington, DC lobbyist
    • OS X introduced 13 years ago
      13 years ago, Apple introduced OS X — Macworld 2014 — Macworld reviews Dragon Dictate 4
    • More 3D in Maps
      3D Flyover support growing in Maps — Tweetbot gets bigger preview images — New seeds of iTunes, OS X
    • Futurology 327 ~ Awesome tech
      PlanetQuest is NASA's effort to search for new Earths with photography — High flying drones would almost be satellites — Lasers for soldiers — Obama's push for wooden skyscrapers — DNA used to construct accurate 3D mugshots — Frozen smoke — Night vision contacts — app makes room plans by tapping on walls
    • Update to avoid security issue
      Update your Mac, says Apple — Tim Cook earns spot among Pope Francis & Dalai Lama on Fortune’s World’s Greatest Leaders list — GarageBand for Mac brings back MP3 exporting, adds 3 new Drummers & more — Beware this authentic-looking Apple ID phishing scam — World's first Apple reseller to close after 37 years
    • News and updates
      Apple has seeded the first beta of the next version(s) of its Safari browser for OS X — New version of Firefox supports Notification Center — Unreal Engine — EA Games' server breached — Little game makes you a fighter pilot — Sonos releases new Mac controller app
    • Haunted interview, Mac apps, OneNote
      Haunted interview — Latest Mac apps — Could Microsoft's OneNote replace Evernote?
    • Haunted empire, OneNote for Mac, Ives, tax
      Yoni doesn't like Haunted Empire — Microsoft places OneNote for Mac in the App Store — Sunday Times talks to Ives — Macworld checks out Mac tax software
    • OS X security
      Safari taken down by security experts, but they still say OS X is best — Macworld has reviewed both models of Mac Pro — Apple seeds OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 beta build 13D17 to developers — Microsoft adds personal Office 365 subscription — Mac game deals (75% off!)
    • Futurology 326 ~ Flying Whales to Woolly Mammoths
      Absurd flying whale has a lot to answer for — Nanoscale Terahertz Optical Switch breaks miniaturisation barrier — Measles back in New York City — We could breed ourselves to be radiation resistant — Laser and radar let researchers peer deep inside ancient roman bridges — Los Angeles' dire wolves unearthed — 43,000-year-old woolly mammoth remains offer strong chance of cloning
    • Green group gropes for boycott
      Green group, magazine call for boycott on Apple products — The popular password manager 1Password has been updated — Seriously though, where is the new Mac mini? — Analyst recommends buying Apple stocks — Tablets have changed the Mac vs PC equation and debate
    • iTunes Festival, Office:Mac
      iTunes Festival kicks off at Austin SXSW with Coldplay, Apple execs in the crowd — Microsoft representatives have apparently confirmed a new version of Office for Mac
    • Office Mac, Star Trek & Xcode 5.1
      Microsoft looks like it will release a new version of Office for Mac this year — Star Trek Online finally enters the Mac universe — Xcode 5.1, iAd Producer 4.1.2 released with improved iOS 7.1 compatibility
    • Acquisitions and the mouse
      Apple hiring acquisition integration analysts — Steve Jobs on mouse design and how the Apple Pro Mouse was conceived by happenstance
    • 4K Retina support in OS X Beta
      OS X 10.9.3 beta has native Retina resolution for 4K displays — What Apple thought the future would be like in 1995 — Font Studio from Paolo Quadrani — Long, long Thunderbolt cables — See your iPhone battery strength from your Mac
    • Futurology 325 ~ Above, below the oceans
      Disappearing asteroid — Satellite that shoots out satellites — Underwater internet — Landmarks to go under the sea — Mirrored fences — Floating back ball is eery
    • Apple Australia-Pacific & Tax
      Australian feature takes a look at Apple's profits — Macworld/iWorld 2014 Best of Show call for submissions — CalTech and NYU economists call for Apple ebooks trial verdict to be overturned — Pixelworks stock jumps almost 40% in pre-trading after disclosing Apple relationship
    • Big empty space
      Big round cleared space for spaceship — US $49 Switchd mod adds cable lock to new Mac Pro for added security — Rumour suggests Apple will drop last non-Retina MacBook Pro this year (also the last Mac with a DVD drive)
    • News for Apple Inc
      Apple Campus 2 designer says new HQ inspired by Stanford campus and London squares — All Apple websites could be blocked in Belgium over AppleCare controversy — Upgrading a late 2013 Mac Pro to 10-Core Intel Xeon CPU — Dragon Dictate 4 released today with new features and speed enhancements — Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer to retire in September, Luca Maestri to take over — Apple releases another OS X Server 3.1 developer preview
    • Beware phishing that looks like it's from Apple
      Warning: beware the fake emails from 'Apple' — Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer joins Goldman Sachs Board of Directors — Sick of Apple Mail? There are alternatives
    • Cook, Apple, Jobs
      Tim Cook and Apple without Jobs — Broken Age review: Mac game breathes new life into an old genre — OS X 10.9.2 breaks AirPlay Mirroring and desktop extensions to external monitors for some users
    • Futurology 324 ~ Elevated dreams
      Complete misunderstanding of our place in the universe — Astronomers catch asteroid striking Moon — Space Elevators are feasible — Walls to stymie tornados — Walter filtrations via trees — Network dream interpretation — Ancient Chinese cheese
    • Six-core Mac Pro
      Six-core Mac Pro reviewed — Apple issues SMC update for Mac Pro to enable Power Nap mode without waking the fan — iTunes 11.1.5 — How to selectively block internet access — Take Control of Apple Mail
    • OS X 10.9.2 plugs vulnerability
      OS X 10.9.2 just arrived — Apple posts staff posters — Apple formally appeals ebooks antitrust ruling — Access your Mac from an iPad — Mac system utility Unclutter
    • Arizona's 'religious freedom' to discriminate
      Apple asks Arizona governor to veto religious freedom bill, and other news for Feb. 25, 2014 — Is iTunes Match right for you? Alabama news site visits Tim Cook's Deep South roots
    • Jobs' birthday, US stamp
      Remembering Steve Jobs on his birthday — Jobs on a postage stamp — Reasons for delay in SSL fix to OS X unclear as a single line of code found responsible — PhotoScissors for Mac is an easy way to cut out part of an image — tech talks in Remuera
    • Mac OS vs Windows
      Mac users four times more likely to run latest OS than Windows users — Microsoft dropping licensing fees for Windows 8.1 thanks to competition — Apple acquires beta testing platform TestFlight through Burstly purchase — Adobe releases Adobe Flash security update in second emergency fix this month — Apple plans to expand Maiden datacenter with new facility and offices
    • Futurology 323 ~ Soft machines
      Colour-shifting ferrofluid — Shapeable liquid metal — Robot arm can 3D-print molten metal in midair — Super-powerful artificial muscles — Reusable tape inspired by geckos — A new class of solid shapes — Mathematically predicting food riots — Ancient DNA could solve gout
    • Tesla & Apple
      Elon Musk of Tesla has had talks with Apple — Voila screen recorder — Apple's two-step verification reaches more countries — Banking app — Apple seeds new OS X Server 3.1 build to developers
    • iTunes Fest for US; Calendars; Stocks
      iTunes Festival to the US for the first time — How Mac experts manage their calendars — Track stocks free on Mac
    • Mac OS update coming, iTunes Connect, Stacks
      Mavericks 10.9.2 — iTunes Connect update brings modern look, sales breakdowns by category, region and more — TUAW's Mac 101: How to use Stacks effectively in your Dock
    • Original Mac icon, embarrassment & Lara Croft
      The original Mac icon was inspired by Matisse, not Pablo Picasso — Are you embarrassed about using your Mac? Lara Croft for Mac
    • Aperture, Preview & secure coding
      Geotagging the easy way with Aperture — How to add your signature to a PDF — Apple's Secure Coding Guide is an invaluable tool for new and veteran developers alike
    • Futurology 322 ~ Kitset home & mysteries
      A heart in the darkness of space — Water flowing on Mars — Mystery Mars doughnut rock no longer a mystery — Build a prefab, save the planet — Australian police 3D scanning for crime fighting — Talking about old Pisa ... US Army develops 3-year pizza — Heading towards a Star Trek economy — Chinese moon rover may not be dead — Little motors inside cells — Viking script finally translated
    • Supplier Responsibility
      Apple's 2014 supplier report: better working conditions, fewer conflict minerals — Hype adds responsive design to its HTML5 editing — Cute picture of Apple fandom
    • Venerable mouse
      Steve Jobs' Lisa mouse dug up from a Time Capsule — A look at Apple's R&D expenditures from 1995-2013 — Simplify your Home Office — If iTunes was a standalone company
    • Mac Pro, lease, human resources, court
      Mac Pro availability continues to deteriorate with shipping estimates slipping to April — Lease business and the new Mac Pro — Denise Young Smith expands role to cover all Apple Human Resources — Court rules that Apple can't get rid of antitrust monitor Michael Bromwich
    • Apple in the news
      Judge Lucy Koh rebukes Apple — Tax-breaks for jobs: How Arizona attracted Apple to Mesa w/ tax breaks & perks for new Sapphire plant — Icahn withdraws 50B buyback — Apple speaks out against patent trolls after facing a record 92 lawsuits in three years
    • Mac mini, Cook, 10.9.2, Lightning, Olympics
      Mac mini to become smaller still? Big interview with Cook — Lightning gear may get cheaper — Apple seeds OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 build 13C53 to developers — The first Apple stores could have been built in the 1970s — Apple logo welcome at Olympics after all
    • Futurology 321 ~ Now posted Saturdays
      Futurology on Saturdays — New types of stars can emerge from Black Holes — Weird asteroid could be a 'merged binary' — New impact crater spotted on Mars — Graphene conducts electricity 10 times better than expected — New York Police Department beta-testing Google Glass — Gizmodo explores the science of human body fat — Dried whale meat in Auckland helps resurrect old species — Stupid design flaws in the human body
    • Dreary at Apple?
      Former WSJ Apple reporter writes life is dreary at Apple after Jobs — Sony to exit PC making, LG may follow — Running Windows on a Mac from a thumb drive — Apple and Google band together and ask Supreme Court to help keep patent trolls at bay — The finer points of GarageBand on Mac — Mail Pilot for Mac review: Email client charts a course for maximum productivity
    • Futurama
      Apple acknowledges AirPlay Mirroring issue with new Mac Pros & MacBook Pros — Every Apple reference ever made in Futurama and The Simpsons — Adobe released a critical security update to its Flash Player plug-in — Apple's corporate peers in the $10B quarter club all have something in common — how the new Mac Pro does in gaming
    • Television, Microsoft, Film
      Apple buying Internet infrastructure to boost performance, possibly prepare for television — Microsoft names Satya Nadella CEO as Bill Gates demoted from Chairman to ‘Technology Advisor’ — Apple posts behind-the-scenes video detailing the creation of its ’1.24.14′ ad — Apple provides instructions for dealing with recurring Gmail OS X Mail ‘no new email’ bug — North Korea writes its own OS X
    • Mac film
      Apple continues Mac anniversary celebrations with movie shot on iPhones, edited on Macs — Tim Cook the travelling' man — Ripping and editing Blu-ray on Macs — Apple takes fourth place in EPA’s list of green-powered tech companies — Behind the scenes of Apple's 1984 ad — Jobs biographer Isaacson back-pedals, says ‘execution is what really matters’ and Apple is best — Before Halo we had Marathon: play Bungie's three Mac classics free — Backblaze stats on 27,000 hard drives show which ones keep on ticking
    • Futurology 320 ~ Earth focus
      Unknown object hit Earth in 733CE — Humans may not be cut out for space — AMD announced first ARM — Scientists make stem cells by soaking blood cells in acid — Phosphorus increasingly rare, but it can be mined from sewage — First carbon fibre printer — Visualisation shows how fast you're spinning around Earth's axis — How the internet travels around Earth — One-way sound — Impressive 3D brain scan shows every neuron connection in a brain
    • Apple money, share
      Apple has spent $28 billion on stock buybacks and $15.8 billion on dividend payments — Where Apple's money comes from — GarageBand for guitar players — Odd iTunes ads from Apple's past
    • State of the Union
      Obama recognizes Apple during State of the Union — Apple’s success in enterprise market “unbelieveable,” with more to come, promises Cook — Solar Apple — Don't you worry, Apple is innovative, says Cook
    • Apple upsets with success
      Apple's earnings up, despite ridiculous expectations — Grumbles from investors — Tomb Raider, a reboot game that also reboots Mac gaming — Update for Parallels
    • Mac turned 30
      The Mac turned 30 on the weekend — Mactracker adds vintage Macs — Vintage Macs graphics font — Pixelmator review — SimpleNote review
    • Futurology 319 ~ big universe, tiny switches
      A star 'just' went supernova in a nearby galaxy — Stephen Hawking: 'There Are No Black Holes' — A Thermodynamics Theory of the Origins of Life — Mars Rover Opportunity finds life-friendly niche — Mind-bending music was created using Voyager spacecraft data — CERN Antimatter Experiment produces first beam of Antihydrogen — The microscopic switches that make modern life possible —
    • Mac mini refresh?
      Mac mini rumoured for refresh — New Pixelmator update targets the Mac Pro — How to 'play' GarageBand — iTunes 11.1.4 purportedly liberates your Wish List from the confines of the Store — What the Nest guy learnt from Steve Jobs
    • Personalities and the Mac
      Fallon hides Macbook from Gates — Icahn reckons Apple is doing disservice to shareholders — 2013 MacBook Air WiFi problems continue to plague users — Final Draft 9, the world's most popular screenwriting software has caught up — Apple releases preview of OS X Server 3.1 to developers — SnappyApp for the Mac lets you pin images so they are always visible — Wind in the Dutch rumour mill
    • 30 Years of Mac
      Author of the The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy excited about OS X in last post — Weird and amazing Macs that aren't exactly Macs — Mac Training in Grey Lynn
    • Apple can't ship enough Mac Pros
      Mac Pro shipping estimates slip to March — Your best shot — Beware of this Apple ID phishing scam — Apple hiring in medical fields — Allow Adobe Reader to read in Safari — Scribe allows you to send text and images from your Mac to your iOS device
    • Futurology 318 ~ Sun, Mars, Earth & Twitter
      Comet chasing probe to wake up — Solar lull could cause colder winters In Europe — Mystery rock 'appears' in front of Mars Rover — Heatwaves for Australia will only get worse — India now Polio free — Caffeine boosts long-term memory — Birdcam shoots penguins — Twitter SNAFU lets researchers identify a new kind of harassment
    • Jobs, & new & updated apps
      Jobs documentary — Isaacson critical of Cook — Late 2013 iMac review: Faster than before, but the gains over previous models are modest — Photoshop CC now supports 3D printing — Anytune, the music-practicing app arrives for Mac — How to use loops in Garageband — How Mac experts deal with their contacts — Apple Watch
    • Apple gear stolen in moving truck heist
      James Bond thievery on moving truck for Apple gear — Omni Group starts shipping OmniOutliner 4 — EA says it took six months to make 'impossible' offline play possible in Sim City
    • Back to Uni deals from Apple
      Apple's Back to Uni deals for New Zealand — Apple hiring iPhone/iPod manufacturing design engineers for Mesa, Arizona plant — Total number of Apple devices sold will equal the number of Windows PCs this year — The Father of iPod is now a Google employee
    • Mac Pro, SimCity, Oregon
      Yahoo Tech on the new Mac Pro — Mac Pro available in Europe again — SimCity to receive "impossible" offline update — Want to work for Apple in Oregon? Apple is hiring — A week of Mac apps
    • Futurology 317 ~ puffed-up Exoplanet
      Weird puffed-up Exoplanet — Hubble images become tactile 3D experiences for the blind — China's Moon Rover snaps a view of Earth not seen in 40 years — RAF fighter flies on printed parts — Australian team seeking funding cylinder engines without piston rings — Smarter toothbrush — Promising new treatment kills metastatic cancer cells — Swedes to move a city — Field system hidden under New England foliage — Ancient Pompeiians ate giraffes
    • Old Mac Pros
      Breathing new life into old Mac Pros — Making ringtones in the new GarageBand — CloudApp, Droplr both updated with new design, features on Mac — Citrix announces DesktopPlayer for Mac, bringing Windows virtual desktops to Mac — Apple looks to have anti-trust monitor replaced for 'inappropriate declaration'
    • Macintosh to turn 30
      Macintosh turns 30 — Macworld's Speedmark Mac benchmarks — Focus 2 — App streamlines ebook production — HDR Darkroom 3 is an easy way to create HDR images on your Mac — Fastcompany profiles Apple's new head of sales
    • Apple earnings
      Apple earnings call — Apogee announces new audio interfaces — iBooks on Mac
    • Mac Pro info, new products
      Apple Mac Pro unboxing, detailed overview, & benchmarks — Apple versus Wall Street in bar graphs — Wireless Griffin volume knob — LaCie's new rocketship hard drives —
    • Futurology 316 ~ Indian rocket, ancient brewer
      Exoplanet has clouds — Heavy Indian rocket takes off — Intel's Knights Landing chip does 3 terraflops — Nano-device WLANs — 2100 could be dreadful — Utterly unshakeable camera stabiliser has to be seen to be believed — Finns testing HIV vaccine — Emotions appear on body heat maps — Advanced imaging reveals more details of ancient computational device — Ancient Egyptian brewer's tomb discovered
    • Japan's lucky Apple bags
      Apple’s 2014 Lucky Bags in Japan — Getting started with the news GarageBand — Free service lets you create websites via Facebook — Affordable Group Mac training
    • Mac news 2014
      Price comparison between Apple Mac Pro 2013 & a PC — iFixit teardown praises new Mac Pro for repairability, upgradability — Specs for the Haswell chip at 5000 pages — What to expect from Apple in 2014 — Macworld reviews QuickBooks
    • Mac news for the last day of 2013
      Apple hires NYT Magazine design director Arem Duplessis for creative role — Macworld slideshow shows ten notable Mac apps — Five resolutions for a Digital Life — TUAW's Chris Rawson talks about 2013's rumours — New flagship Apple Store to appear in Brisbane — Cook loses in stock but gains in wages
    • Futurology 315 ~ Lunar laser, panorama & art
      Lunar laser coms — Lunar panorama — Fallen Astronaut sculpture on the Moon — Spy agency's catalogue — 2013 summed up in one minute — 100-year-old Ross Sea negatives recovered — Colosseum gets a long-awaited scrape-down — archaeology of beer
    • Mac Pro, new Macs, best apps etc
      The new Mac Pro reviewed — New Mac? What apps you need — How to set up your new Mac
    • The new Mac Pro is here
      The new Mac Pro — New Mac Pro gets its first update — NZ prices — Apple's 15 2013 acquisitions — Tim Cook tells staff of big plans for 2014 that 'customers are going to love' — The week in Mac Apps — Scrivener, the novelists' app — New MacBook Pro can run 4k screens
    • OS X update, Obama, organising Macs, Apple fashion
      OS X 10.9.1 with Mail and Gmail fixes — Tim Cook and other Silicon Valley luminaries meeting Obama — Mac experts show their file organising tricks — Apple's utterly amazing 1980s foray into fashion
    • 27-year-old Mac Plus online
      Getting a 27-year-old Mac Plus onto the internet — Macworld's 2013 Editors' Choice Award — Cook talks equality and human rights — Adobe announces 1.4 million paid Creative Cloud subscribers for 2013 — Twitter for Mac updated — Holiday hours, changes etc
    • Futurology 314 ~ What we see
      Massive exoplanet — Gaia telescope to scan the entire sky — Newly-discovered greenhouse gas is 7000 times more damaging than CO2 — First skyscraper to power itself in 2020 — Freakishly realistic telemarketing robot denies it's a robot — Pneumonic deadlier-than-bubonic plague reported in Madagascar — Seeing the world as another animal — New Zealander gets his stuff stolen by NZ authorities on his return from surveillance conference — People are biased against creative thinkers
    • Updates, workplace cleared, Elder Scrolls
      iPhoto 9.5.1 update fixes problem with print previews — Independent medical team finds no link between Pegatron worker's death and working conditions — Remote Desktop gets Mavericks Support — Elder Scrolls – iMovie explored
    • Apple to 16th in workplaces; Apple TV
      Apple now only the 16th best to work for — Apple TV
    • Mouse turns 45
      45 years old: the Computer Mouse — What Scott Forstall is doing now — Very cheap word processor for Mac: OmmWriter
    • Apple in the spotlight
      Apple and other companies call for surveillance reform — Apple US home page tribute to Mandela — Either-way USB cables — Demolition starts on Apple Campus site — Wall Street Journal slams Apple judgements — Enterprise drives no better — 1Password for Mac gets lots of improvements
    • Futurology 313 ~ space, cyborgs, water, medicine
      Alien life on Europa — Japan wants to ring the Moon with solar panels to power the Earth — First person in the world recognised as a cyborg — 3D printers cranking out eyes, bones, and blood vessels — The Fukushima earthquake actually changed earth's gravity — Do earthquakes spread like wild fire? Harvesting power when freshwater meets salty — Researchers discover huge freshwater reserves under ocean floors — Women's and men's brains wired differently — One to three men fathered all Europeans — Feel-good pill full of bacteria — Killing cancer by retraining patient immune systems
    • Apple's sought-after desktops
      Apple passes Dell as sought-after PC — Mac buying guide: how to pick the right one — Icahn files shareholder proposal in effort to actualise larger stock buyback — Adobe extends Photoshop deal — Mac audio dongle — How to create iMovie 10 trailers — Google finally enables export of mail and calendar info
    • The cloud and security
      How secure is iCloud? Apple seeds OS X 10.9.1 to support staff as public release approaches — updates today to Remote Desktop — Another bundle — Both Walking Dead games for the price of one — Apple's second Netherlands store opens December 7
    • FileMaker 13
      FileMaker 13 — Mavericks out in the world — Free Mail Pilot app beta program — Apple snags patent for face detection and recognition — Apple buys Twitter analytics firm
    • Apple stock in the black
      Apple stock back up — Find My Mac helped track down two murder suspects — An introduction to keyboard shortcuts in Safari for Mac — Constructing an iMovie Project — A Cyber-Monday deal — Laying out your rooms — 9to5 Mac has some battery deals
    • Futurology 312 ~ advances & discoveries
      The neuroscientist who discovered he was a psychopath — For 20 Years the Nuclear Launch Code at US Minuteman Silos Was 00000000 — Geohacking hard to come back from — Slice and dice bacteria with black silicon — Computer model suggests escape from the poverty cycle — Art makes students smart — The US Army and 4D printing — Rubber band Easy-Macro lens for smartphones — New camera captures ultra-sharp images of objects in near dark — Beer brewing byproduct makes bricks insulate better — More aggressive strain of HIV emerging in Africa — Computer-designed 'drug' prevents AIDS from replicating
    • It's Black Friday
      It's Black Friday — How Google manages over 40,000 Macs…without much help from Apple — Google Hangouts infringes trademark, says US company Hanginout — Cable-free presentations
    • Apple stock, Mac Pro, Ahrendts, imaging, phone
      Apple stock approaches a year high — New Mac Pro a signal to professional computing — Ahrendts talks about her transition to Apple — Nine OS X alternatives to Photoshop — App lets you phone-chat over your Mac — PicLight lighting effects — Jumsoft templates 50% discount — MagBytes out tonight
    • Prepare for Apple Specials
      Prepare for Apple Specials: look now, buy online on Friday — A quick look back at Apple's dividend history — Text editor does maths — Maps in Mavericks — Fantastical
    • Updates, Mac OS & more
      AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule firmware updates fix WAN connectivity and USB hard drives — New seed of Mac OS — Book profiles Apple's design acumen — iWork updates add some features back in — Phone support for iBooks Author — iBeacon deployment help — What's your favourite Mac OS?
    • Futurology 311 ~ gamma gamma hey
      Spectacular stellar explosion rewrites the book on gamma-ray bursts — Incredible film of Saturn made from one million still photos — Neutrino study captures 28 extraterrestrials — Old rock in the Sahara is older — NASA's Discover supercomputer simulates the world's weather at extremely fine resolutions — Next month, Americans can get bionic eyes — No-flat tyres one step closer to full-size cars — Imagining the post-antibiotic future — Smart glasses let nurses see veins — Norwegian Army gets a veggie day for global warming — Handheld milling machine only cuts where needed — World's smallest radio — Oldest wine so far found in Israel
    • Apple Code of Conduct
      Apple employees asked to refresh themselves with the Apple Code of Conduct — Apple’s new head of retail Angela Ahrendts is Fortune’s #4 Businessperson of the Year — iMovie update makes it compatible with older video cards — Adobe announced Photoshop deal for all — Other World Computing gets green award for this world — Parallels gives you 8 for 1 — Viber update
    • Conviction, Approvals & Capo
      Rogue trader jailed for Apple stock bet — Apple spaceship campus gets final approval — Apple clears final hurdle to bring sapphire-manufacturing plant to Arizona — Learning songs with a Mac app — cheap Mac app gives you some level of privacy
    • Power, Sales & Displays
      Apple's Maiden adds power back into the grid — MacAppware has an early Black Friday event with massive discounts — Apple Stores get creative window displays
    • Updates, Xmas & more
      Aperture updated — Apple seeds first OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 beta to developers with focus on Mail, Graphics — iTunes Connect closing for Christmas — Fundraising charity music in iTunes — Some new MacBook Pros suffering wi-fi issues — Intensify adds image features — iWork's new file formats
    • Futurology 310 ~ Sunny outlooks for robots
      What's up with the sun? But it's getting a visitor — Moonwalking robot possibility — Robotoy teaches programming — Wee-powered robots — Evolution steered by aggressive competition between females — Where does The States' fear come from? Clam killed to determine it's age turned out to be 100 years older than thought, at 507 — Doris Lessing dead at 94
    • Apple paying shareholders
      Apple paying shareholders — BioShock Infinite for Mac gets free DLC pack — Adobe patches critical vulnerabilities in Flash Player, ColdFusion — Goodbye wooden bookshelves in iBooks
    • Apple II DOS source code, Macs, BioShock Infinite
      Apple II DOS source code released — The Mac isn't dead yet — 75% off BioShock Infinite
    • Red Cross & the Philippines
      Apple inviting donations to the American Red Cross via iTunes — Eddy Cue accepts award on behalf of Jobs — Xcode 5.0.2 — Why Mavericks has Maps
    • Edge; hardware & software updates
      Adobe Edge adds more for HTML 5 — OmniGraffle 6 — Update for iBooks — Apple has released two EFI updates for its latest MacBook Pros — Mail update should help with Gmail — GarageBand update — Microsoft updates web apps — Numbers review — Call of Duty Modern Warfare for $5US
    • Futurology 309 ~ Print up some fossils
      Need some Space? Space-bred superbugs — Space-bred superbugs — Wave power — 3D print yourself some fossils — Tiny drone to spy with — Circuits on anything — New York deploys impressive plug — The Wolverine Gene — Nuclear waste into glass — Teabags to filter water
    • Missing iWork features to return
      Apple says missing iWork features will return in the next 6 months — Apple's challenges in making sure conditions are fair in the supply chain — Chris Breen's review of GarageBand 10 for Mac — Apples' sapphire business — Pinterest adds Safari push notifications
    • iWork ’13 Dumber or smarter?
      iWork ’13: Dumbed down or smart move? — Apple gives out data on NSA data requests — Shots of Apple’s new solar-powered manufacturing facility in Arizona — iTunes update — New download of Xcode — Capo for Mac gets a feature update, makes learning music even easier — What's going on with AppleScript?
    • How tos & changes explained
      There have been lots of changes recently, to the Apps of the new versions of iOS and OS X – here are some handy links that help explain them.
    • Arizona's Apple plant
      Apple to build new Arizona manufacturing facility with solar-power, create 2000+ jobs — How Mac experts set up their desktops — iMovie 10 review: A lot to like, a few quibbles — Another Mac software bundle — Knock on your iPhone to unlock your Mac
    • Your MacBook Pro knows what you're doing
      Your MacBook Pro knows what you're doing — Tim Cook urges Congress to support Employment Nondiscrimination Act — New MacBook Pro gets blazing SSD speeds — The new Keynote adds, subtracts — Mavericks' Mail — Need to restore your old iWork documents? — What affects Wi-Fi signal strength
    • Futurology 308 ~ Canadian, Australian discoveries
      Canadian aged 1 discovers 600 million-year-old supernova candidate — NASA's next Mars trip — Material gets colder as it warms — Lost world discovered in Australia — Tiny neural computers in the brain — iPhone accessory to read your brain — Family Tree with 13 million members — Modern Penny-farthing thanks to futuristic plastics — Fotown? People are building farms in the ruins of Detroit
    • New Pages, iPhoto, MB Pros, OS X & Gmail
      New Pages — New iPhoto 'uninspiring' — Some new 13-inch MacBook Pros unresponsive — Review of latest MacBook Pro 15-inch — Site tells the story of the evolution of OS X — sick of Gmail
    • Taiwan
      Taiwan disputes Apple over Maps showing the country as a Chinese province — A History of Apple's 'mouse — Problems with the new Pages — Six common issues with Mavericks — Adobe's breach was worse than thought — Actor Ashton Kutcher has joined Lenovo as a product engineer
    • Earnings and more
      Apple earnings — Latest iMac in another review — Cook sends another email to Apple staffers — Some journalists get Mac Pro posters — Power users angry at new iWork — Want loads of video Mavericks' and OS X tips?
    • New MacBooks evaluated
      iFixit tears down new MacBook Pro — Apple has released two new updates for the Late-2013 iMacs — Apple Q4 2013 earnings call liveblog scheduled for 5 PM today — Creating a bootable Mavericks USB — Network Inventory Advisor — Image editor Intensify — Class Action given green light — iCloud Keychain
    • Futurology 307 ~ Moon jellyfish
      All six moon landings in one video — Space jellyfish not so good back on Earth — Convert metal to semiconductor with laser — 3D printing for disaster and disaster relief — Reprogramming bacterium — Finding buried gold with trees — Recreating lost Ancient Greek music — Human evolution reevaluated thanks to skull find — Dinosaurs may have had squishy joints
    • Letter to Cook; Mavericks
      Icahn sends letter to Tim Cook — OS X Mavericks and new features — Apple beats W-iLan charge — Flash is now sandboxed
    • More info on the new stuff
      Mavericks — New features of latest GarageBand — OS 10.9's Automator and AppleScript — Latest Macs on Apple's pages — OS X Server for Mavericks is now available, though not free
    • Mavericks is out, & free; new Macs
      Mavericks is out, & free — New Mac Pro to buy by the end of the year — New 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pros — pricing and availability – new iLife
    • Mavericks full press release
      Mavericks full press release
    • Tomorrow's big Apple Event
      Tomorrow's big Apple Event — OS 10.9 Mavericks — Apple will replace some of the drives in 2012 MacBook Airs — Bugs and fixes for HP scanners
    • Futurology 306 ~ Asteroid, drones
      Newly located asteroid could hit earth in 2032 — Drones mapped the Matterhorn — Drones to do our fighting for us, too — Flying drones with solar panels — Self-contained streetlights — Backpack stronger than steel — Nearly indestructible Data Storage Disc will last a billion years — Finally, a good use for coffee grounds — Jurassic mosquito possibly houses dino-DNA
    • Rare photo, tax, iMovie, security, washing
      Rare photo shows Apple's first warehouse: Jobs' bedroom — Ireland aims to close tax loophole Apple has exploited — Macworld's guide to iMovie — Researchers challenge Apple's 'unbreakable' iMessages — Wash your Mac inside
    • Java, TweetDeck, iStore online, control centre
      Apple has released a new Java update called Java for OS X 2013-005 — iStore's new online shop — TweetDeck for Mac updated — iOS 7-like control centre for Mac — Last call for Mavericks' apps
    • Apple Event confirmed
      Apple Event confirmed — Texan assembler prepping for the new Mac Pro — Apple makes significant head of retail hiring — The NSA may have your contacts list — New McAfee product secures everything — The Wolf Among Us hits a snag
    • Air update, spaceship & class action
      Apple EFI Firmware Update 2.7 for MacBook Air — Model of Apple's spaceship campus — Apple hit with second class action suit regarding overtime pay
    • Futurology 305 ~ Dataland is the modern dystopia
      Water-rich planet found — Sharp chair does the doctor's work — LG to mass-manufacture flexible displays — Dataland is the modern dystopia — How to survive climate change in Britain — Little eco car self parks while packing itself up — Stroke rates in London show big drop
    • Mac sales, retro paint, iMovie
      Mac sales down as part of the decline of PC sales — Relive the past with CloudPaint — iMovie tutorials
    • Design, Mavericks, Apple event
      How Steve Jobs learnt the importance of design — Take Control of Upgrading to Mavericks — Apple Event October 22nd
    • Best all-in-one available
      Apple still definitely makes the best all-in-one available — iTunes Radio coming to New Zealand — Ive lends his chops to a millionaire point-and-shoot — Great guitarist tool for Mac
    • Two years since Steve Jobs died
      Two years since Steve Jobs died — Apple issues OS X 10.8.5 Supplemental Update — iTunes 11.1.1 — Mavericks hits Gold Master — Adobe gets compromised so maybe you got compromised — Apples' bulk Mac App program
    • Futurology 304 ~ space discoveries, inventions
      Vesta in full view — Propyline discovered in space — Grain of rice-sized particle accelerator — Massive ship shaped to use wind — Tornado proof house — Protein flash memory — Programming language builds DNA — Software builds sharp images — Map pinpoints US dialects
    • Reviews of new iMac
      Review of new iMac finds modest improvements — Cupertino spaceship campus one step closer — Hints of dramatic display changes ahead — Call of Duty for Mac bundled and discounted
    • Mavericks, $8B tweets, SMC update, cable guy
      Mavericks staff training begins — Icahn tweets worth 8 billion — Apple releases SMC Firmware Update battery fixes for MacBooks — Cable guy hired
    • Characters, iCloud & Windows 8
      Icahn pushes Cook for bigger buyback — Wozniak on his hacking days — Goodbye MobileMe and your iCloud storage — How times have changed! Microsoft Windows 8 finally passes OS X
    • Some good Apple numbers
      Apple thus far has helped raise over $65 million in fight against AIDS — Apple passes Coke as more valuable — Most innovative — chance to win Armageddon passes — Cook gives Apple employees some time off — Apple makes another apparel hire — Dropbox adds photo support to Mac version — Trine game has great graphics — iTunes Festival moments online
    • Futurology 303 ~ spying to furniture
      US Air Force converting old jets into drones — Laser rifle cuts through metal — Covering teeth with diamond dust — Snowden shows NSA is mapping the social connections of US Citizens — Stephen Fry lends voice to anti spying groups — Matchstick-sized spy microphone — Massive, improbable steel table is stable — Lounger that folds itself up — Space-age floating cube table — Automatic, dictionary-free translation
    • New iMacs pulled apart, evaluated
      New iMacs pulled apart, evaluated — Tim Cook to meet big Apple investor — Mac mini prices rise in some countries — Using iPhoto's Faces and Places — Skype updated — VLC update
    • Apple announcements due
      Apple has a lot of new things due so will they all be announced in one go? Twitter accounts for Apple fans — EFI Update for new iMacs
    • New Haswell iMacs on sale now
      New iMacs announced ... and they're already on sale — New 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMac NZ availability and pricing — Apple TV gets new, fixed update — New Adobe Elements — Pixelmator goes a lot faster
    • Apple stock goes up
      Apple adjusts earnings on runaway success of the new iPhones — Apple pulls Apple TV update — Steve Jobs' childhood home may become monument — Extra MobileMe storage gone by the 30th
    • Futurology 302 ~ energy to lego mummy
      Plasmonic energy from the sun — Graphene could revolutionise everything, even computing — Terminator Polymer — And the US is building Terminator anyway — Adelaide's zero-emission buses from New Zealand — Short-haried bumblebee stages a comeback — Spaces for students — Lego in mummy restoration — Robotic bartender
    • Apple's top execs interviewed
      Cook, Ive and Federighi talk to Bushinessweek
    • Mac Changes for iOS 7
      iTunes for iOS 7, iTunes Radio —Grand Theft Auto’s Apple parodies — gets iOS 7 makeover —
    • Apple Watch; new models?
      Stock shortages suggest new iMacs — Shortages also hint at a new AirPort Express — New Mavericks' seed offers iTunes features
    • Updates, reviews and more
      Apple has just released OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5 — Digital Camera RAW Compatibility 4.09 — TechTool Pro 7 reviewed — New Sonnet cards to support Thunderbolt 2 — Macworld reviews SimCity — Free grammar checker for blog posts — Final Cut Pro X at Le Mans
    • Futurology 301 ~ new materials
      New materials from space — Astronaut food grown in pillows — Five crazy manmade materials that could shape the future — No puncture tyre — Aluminium airship — New world order of automatic transactions — Clearer announcements — New Canon sensor sees in the very dark — Magical software turns still photos into 3D models — Very cheap trip to Galapagos
    • Phenomenal BioShock
      BioShock Infinite 'phenomenal' — Apple Store grows in timelapse — Rumour that Apple is working on a new Apple TV — Albums how to for iPhoto
    • Updates for Microsoft Office, Nisus
      Office for Mac update — Nisus updates Writer Pro — Apple stock dropped on the iPhone announcement — Dropzone
    • Apple facts and figures
      Apple facts and figures — Borderlands 2 at 60% off
    • Apple staff
      Apple designers discuss — Apple doubling ad staff — Project Red designs — Photoshop CC adds generator — Aspyr dropping support for Snow Leopard — Clear Day gives you a weather screensaver — PhotoDirector 5 adds pro, Lightroom and Aperture style features — Google releases an app launcher for Mac — Take Control of Your Digital Photos on a Mac
    • Futurology 300 ~ Nebula, genes & waves
      Strange alignment of planetary nebula — Genes make us not as different as we thought — Humans genetically dislike solitude — Genes prefer like genes — Ship to stay stable by generating its own waves — Eight mysterious ruined cities — Keep your secrets off your iPhone — Transparent ports into your body
    • New developments from Apple, Adobe
      Apple asking developers to prepare for Safari Push Notifications — Adobe announces subscriber Photoshop, Lightroom — Switch to Mac eBook — What everyone should know about iPhoto — iBooks Textbooks compatibility wording hints at imminent Mavericks arrival
    • Mavericks Dev Preview 7
      Apple releases OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 7 with new wallpapers, more — New Apple TVs? New life from an 'old' Mac Pro — VMWare Fusion 6 takes advantage of Mavericks, Haswell — Win a Canon 5D MkII — New Intuos tablets from Wacom
    • iMac supplies constrained
      Stock shortages suggest possible new iMac — New AirPort Express too? BioShock Infinite will keep you occupied for hours
    • BioShock Infinite best
      BioShock Infinite 'best' — SimCity for Mac apparently fixed — Making accessible iBooks — Apple redesigns Radar bug reporter — Correcting flaws in portraits — Easy file exchange between Macs and iDevices — Six ways to keep teenagers safe online
    • Futurology 299 ~ Laser-Guided Robo-Milker
      Laser-Guided Robo-Milker — 3D printer adds milling and etching — 1836 famine marked human genes all the way to now — Surveillance tech revealing lost civilisations — Scientists grow tiny human brains — Graphene makes metals up to 500x stronger — Car suspension to generate power — Transparent gel speaker
    • miniCam, BioShock, SimCity & more
      Slumdog Millionaire camera had a Mac mini in it — Mac OS vulnerability — iTunes Festival imminent — BioShock Infinite, SimCity now available — Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac — Arabic characters crashing Apple systems — New review added — Herald Mac Planet and 5 free tips — Take Control of your Online Privacy
    • Teeny tiny Mac
      World's smallest working Mac is a tiny work of art — Apple acquires compression tech company — Apple the biggest target of patent trolling — Apple planning new Apple Stores in Japan and Europe — Beautiful ultrathin Mac-like mouse — Omni releases OmniMaster Key — Bioshock Infinite out for Mac tomorrow!
    • Apple TV content, rumour
      Apple TV gets more content, and rumour of a new one — Apple redesigns AppleCare site — Logic Pro as a podcasting tool — Facebook adds shared albums — Nine Inch Nails streams latest album in iTunes
    • Ballmer going
      Ballmer to step down — New Mac Pro in cinematic video — Big investor meets with Cook — New Apple education subsite — WYSIWYG HTML5 animation toolkit — Google beefs up dictionary in search — 1Password — Iowa high school delivers 1425 MacBook Airs to students — Apple having to limit access to iWork Beta — Bioshocks 1&2 half price — Shrook is a great RSS reader — Apple updates RAW
    • Futurology 298 ~ NASA RINGS LADEE
      Solar eruption about to hit — NASA testing laser coms — Astronauts testing new propulsion system — Beaming solar power to Earth — Germany hits solar power record — Ytterbium clock is even more accurate — Global protests before your eyes — Australian university makes carbon bricks — Korean compact electric car folds itself up like an armadillo — GCSB already using PRISM — Traffic deaths in global map — Molecular blood suicide link — Map traces 463 Bible contradictions — High heels really are stupid — Get your own Van Gogh
    • Reuters profiles Tim Cook
      Reuters profiles Tim Cook — New material for Macs patented — Another Mavericks Beta — Steve Jobs Schools in Holland — Gentlemen! Victorian-themed game now available on the Mac App Store — Germany says Microsoft Windows 8 too insecure to use
    • Dev Centre issue fixed
      Apple Developer Center outage fixed 'Remote Code Execution' issue — Apple has released an update to its Logic Pro X software — Twitter compromised: here's what to do — iClouDrive — 3D Printer software — iBooks update
    • Icahn stock good for Apple
      Icahn's stock buying benefits Apple — UK government smashes up Guardian MacBook — Surge in Thunderbolt — Apple credits Ibrahim Balic — Apple changes affiliate program — Review of Napoleon — Make sketches from photos
    • Updates improve
      iTunes 11.0.5 has bug fixes — BusyCal gets Exchange support — Collage maker — Jobs movie opens badly — Apple begins graphic card replacement program for mid-2011 27-inch iMac — Mac Pro teaser trailers — No fuss OS X pasting — Apps for Mac OS X and iOS to help you through University
    • Futurology 297 ~ lighting up
      NASA, we are leaving the system — Don't write off the Hyperloop Train — 40 maps that explain the world — Ancient game is a puzzle — Brazilian invents daytime light that's changing the world — Functional mouse heart built from human tissue — Power from the air — Cure for cancer in Australian protein attack — Stack printer flips the paradigm completely
    • New Mac Pro beats 30,000; Sept 10
      New Mac Pro beats 30,000 — September 10th (11th for us) will be a Big Day — Apple drops on Forbes' innovation list — Apple paying dividends today — Making Launchpad usable — Do you get iPhoto? Google says Gmail users have no expectation of privacy
    • Apple's stock rises
      Apple stock inches past US$500 — Lady Gaga to play iTunes Festival in London — Updates for all 802.11n Airport Base Stations — Race the Sun — Beta changes its skin — Steve Jobs video bundle — Apple buys Matcha
    • Apple doomed – or not
      Jobs' friend thinks Apple is doomed without him — Lord of the Rings: War in the North for Mac, August 29 — A large position in Apple — Cheap movie sales in iTunes — Omerta: City of Gangsters
  • iDevice news
    mac-nz posts one of the largest selections of linked Apple iPhone and iPad news in New Zealand, covering apps and hardware.
    • Galaxy of stupid comparison
      Stupid comparison — How to turn a dead iPod into an upgraded budget music player — Users finding first-generation Apple TVs unable to connect to iTunes Store — Beats Music adds subscriptions — FuelBand and other hardware discontinued, development team fired
    • 8GB 5c, & new & noteworthy
      Apple explains why it released an 8GB iPhone 5c — Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft arrives on iPad — Facebook for iPhone updated to version 9.0, allows replying to comments on certain pages — Square Enix brings Hitman to iOS w/ new turn-based strategy game — Flickr 3.0 redesigned for iOS, sets its sights on Instagram — Ethereal adventure game
    • Kill Switch, 8GB iPhone & more
      Apple has agreed to make the CTIA's request for a "kill switch" on its iPhones a reality — Apple is now offering the 8 GB iPhone 5c in fourteen countries — How to cancel App Store magazine subscriptions — Fandango 6.0 for iPhone & iPad adds colourful new icon, Facebook & Google+ sign in — In the field with the Canon EOS Remote app for iPhone — Adobe Lightroom mobile review
    • CarPlay, movie apps, brawler
      Apple confirms after-market CarPlay — Cinefy brings Hollywood-style FX to your iPhone or iPad at a cost — IntroMate creates pro quality video intros on iPad in seconds — Only One is a retro-looking fantasy brawler
    • Adobe Lightroom mobile for iPad
      Adobe Lightroom mobile for iPad — Alpine to make aftermarket CarPlay units — Readdle’s Calendar apps get new iPad UI, custom reminders on iPhone, & more — BlackBerry presses for immediate halt to Typo keyboards
    • How we interact with apps
      New study has surprising data on how we interact with apps — As rumours point to major iTunes renovations, Apple goes on hiring spree — Readdle’s Printer Pro for iPhone adds new languages, goes free for 24 hour — Command-C shares clipboard between iOS and OS X — Stereoscopic sounds to relax by
    • Christie to retire, news
      Apple confirms longtime iPhone software engineer Greg Christie to retire — Dropbox adds Carousel to share photos, videos online — There's an alternative to Dropbox — Aviary adds features — Firefox OS looks very familiar
    • 5 lives saved by iPhones
      Five lives saved by iPhones — iTunes Radio gets Apple's attention — Apple details $2.2 billion damages claim against Samsung — Five cool things about Office for iPad — Jony Ive shakes up Apple’s software design group, iPhone interface creator Greg Christie departing — Cloak
    • Lightroom for iPad, Videoshop, Bollywood, IFTTT, Cortado
      Adobe Lightroom Mobile for iPad — Latest ‘Your Verse’ story is a Bollywood choreographer — Videoshop is an excellent video editor for iOS — IFTTT for iPad — Share files between Macs and iDevices
    • Smarterphones
      30-second smartphone charging — How to get an App Store refund for kids' accidental in-app purchases — The ultimate guide to combatting iOS battery drain
    • Office for iPad x 12m
      12 million downloads for Office iPad apps — Why Apple might well be about to launch a bigger iPhone — Maps show that mobile Twitter usage in big cities primarily comes from iPhones — iPhone in Japan approaching 70% marketshare
    • PowerPoint for iPad
      Microsoft’s PowerPoint for iPad reviewed — Darklings asks you to step out of the light — Faster Than Light brings real-time, rogue-like spaceship combat to your iPad
    • Anniversary of first iPad
      Anniversary of first iPad — Spotify updates app — Fantastical for iPad — Upcoming comedy (not safe for work) has iPads and iCloud
    • Mine craft
      United Nations uses iBeacons to simulate a minefield & raise awareness at NY museum — A print workaround for Office: iPad — The five features Apple claims Samsung and/or Google stole — Apple adjust prices for exchange rates, including for New Zealand
    • Clever apps, cases, discussions
      2K video from the iPhone 5s camera — iFixit critical of Apple — FireChat uses an obscure iOS feature to change messaging — iPhone cases go beyond protection with extra features — Apple versus Samsung
    • Microsoft Office for iPad
      Microsoft Office for iPad shoots to the top of Apple's free app chart — Yahoo updates and improves its popular iOS Weather app — Random for iOS is a new way of web-searching — Photo app does the usual, adds a couple of unique features — Social database for urban hikes — Touch sensitive controller out of anything
    • Microsoft Office for iPad!
      Microsoft announces Office for iPad apps including Word, PowerPoint, & Excel — PhotosPro will make you think Apple's iOS photo app is outdated — iPhone 6 in September, says rumour — HBO’s Game of Thrones Ascent game comes to iPad ahead of Season 4 debut — Wall to wall Apple: How iOS could make its way into your home
    • Apple's original iPhone development
      Apple's development of the iPhone — When Siri does better than your fingertips — PDF Printer for iOS turns any document into a high quality PDF — Fascinating Earth — Apple updates Trailers' app
    • iOS 7 at 85%
      iOS 7 adoption rate hits 85 percent — Fantastical coming to iPad — Twitterrific goes free with version 5.7 — The MicrobeScope
    • What Healthbook rumours may mean
      Healthbook rumours could herald first product of Tim Cook's Apple — UK App Store prices might rise — Jobs was warring with Google long before iPhone was launched — Pegatron profits rise on iPhone 5c manufacture
    • The Anti-Socal Network
      And now, the Anti-Socal Network — iPad life cycles are Mac-like — NASA's stunning Visualization Explorer get updated and offers more features — You can nest folders in iOS 7.1 — FireChat's explosion
    • Samsung, 3300 page iBook, Apple TV
      Samsung jabs — How Rich Stevens built a 3300-page iBooks Author ebook — Apple TV will only come into its own with a decent remote, reckons Sploid
    • 8GB 5c not for NZ
      Why the iPhone 5c in Australia, China and a few other places? iOS 7.1 doesn't please everyone — Image resizing app — Most popular colours of apps on the App Store
    • Goodbye iPad 2, hello again iPad 4
      Goodbye iPad 2, hello again iPad 4 — iPhone 5c gets 8GB version — Google releases a watch — YouTube app — Office for iPad rumours heat up
    • Healthbook speculation, 5c in China, tax
      Healthbook — iPhone 5c not working in China, either — Tax apps on iPad
    • Battery life in 7.1
      Battery life in iOS 7.1 — New physics feature in iOS 7.1 — Expanded iPhone 5c ads — Unique spin on photo editing — Updated Apple shop app
    • Accessibility advances in 7.1
      A closer look at iOS 7.1's accessibility changes — Adoption of iOS 7.1 looks high — Microsoft launches ‘My Apps’ for Windows Azure Active Directory users on iPhone and iPad — Toyota leaks its own CarPlay release date, briefly says feature coming to 2015 models — Paper by FiftyThree gets the iOS 7 flat look
    • iPhone returns down to 14 days
      Apple shortens iPhone return window to 14 days — The iPhone that saved a soldier's life from a suicide bomb explosion — app for iOS gets native iPad support — Numerical for iOS rethinks the calculator — Day One launches Publish, adds social networks to the mix — Digital collages
    • All the changes in iOS 7.1 & many updates
      Video walkthrough of the biggest UI changes in iOS 7.1 — iPhone 4 sees speed improvements with iOS 7.1 — iOS 7.1 adds Auto HDR feature to the Camera app — iOS 7.1's new shift key icons are rad — Warning: Don't upgrade to iOS 7.1 if you like your nested folders — Remote for iOS now features purchased TV show & movie browsing, iTunes Radio control and more — Apple’s Logic Remote iOS app updated with new streamlined design — Watch iTunes Festival on your TV — Smashing game
    • iOS 7.1
      Apple has released the iOS 7.1 update — Mujo reveals new leather sleeve collection
    • iTunes Festival & fascinating apps
      iTunes Festival channel shows up on Apple TV ahead of SXSW concerts — Findery is a social networking app for places — Secret app defended — New and interesting apps — iPhone owners much less likely to replace — Soundmarks — Ukulele Toolkit is a handy app for uke players
    • Future of shopping
      Hands-on with the iPhone & iBeacon-powered future of shopping — Google sharpens Gmail app for iOS — Aspyr updates Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic to 1.2 — ComiXology realises it was hacked, requires password reset for all users — iPads up mountains — New Lightning cables
    • Security, cat app, CarPlay ...
      Expected iOS 7.1 likely arriving ahead of iTunes Festival at SXSW next week — How to Protect Your iCloud Keychain from the NSA — Gorilla Glass maker Corning (predictably) slams sapphire, saying weaker and dimmer — Hands-on demo of CarPlay in new Ferrari & Volvo vehicles from Geneva Motor Show — Draw a route, walk/cycle/run it — Speaky (free for a limited time) is an interesting iOS app with a simple goal — App for your cat — Apple has posted a page on a Singapore school's iPad use
    • CarPlay
      Early Monday morning Apple introduced CarPlay — Apple hiring in China — Microsoft does Siri — Using a Flash drive with an iPad
    • iOS security
      Five things you should know about iOS security — Apple has seemingly turned to Tumblr to promote the iPhone 5c — New Apple developer pages aim to help software designers build for iOS 7 and OS X — Moga shows Bluetooth 'Made for iPhone' game — A Simple reminder: Update iOS or else — Build radical bridges in game
    • iOS devices in business
      Deploying Apple devices in business and schools just got easier — Apple details the security behind the Touch ID — Whistle is like Fitbit for your dog — Infinite Flight simulator is the best, despite flaws
    • Top tablet iPad Air
      Apple wins ‘best mobile tablet’ award at Mobile World Congress in absentia — Bands use iTunes Radio to debut new albums — Apple's iBeacons goes 'Made for iPhone'
    • iOS hearing aid
      iOS hearing aid — Is 16GB storage enough on an iDevice? Perloo is a free physics-based puzzler that is clever and engaging — Sweden gets a TV channel on Apple TV — Apple releases iBeacon specification through its Made-For-iPhone program — Streaming Disney app
    • Apple in China; Intel 64-bit, AirPlay
      Apple suing Chinese patent office & Zhizhen Network Technology over Siri — Intel catches up with Apple on 64-bit smartphone chips — Streaming AirPlay to multiple devices
    • iOS, Apple TV updates
      Apple releases iOS 7.0.6, iOS 6.1.6, & Apple TV 6.0.2 with fixes — How-to enable and customise subtitles and captioning during video playback on iOS 7 — Camera+ 5.1 update fixes the Day One integration bug and adds widescreen photos — Five products that perfectly illustrate why the rest of the world hates iPhone users — Five apps that let you try out the new Fleksy keyboard — Steve Jobs' birthday
    • Alternative keyboard
      Alternative keyboard available to other apps — Waze app gets Calendar integration for navigating to upcoming events — Cheat sheet for med students
    • China, Samsung and money
      Apple's phone business in China — Airdrop simplicity for Mobile payments — Samsung is directly mocking Apple in its latest advertisement for the new Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 — Top ten money apps in the UK
    • Take Control of your Apple TV
      Take Control of your Apple TV — Realmac to unify Clear and Clear+ — RSS reader for iPhone — Forget a watch: wearable smart jewellery — Phlo 3 unified search for for iPhone and iPad just went free
    • Apps for Tuesday
      Snapchat competitor is not secure ... at all — AnyFont helps you configure custom fonts for all your iOS applications — Instapaper gets AirPlay — PCalc 3 review: Standout iOS calculator gains programmability and polish
    • Apple's passes Windows
      Apple device sales have finally caught up with Windows — Peek is a very pretty calendar for iPhone — Stackables allows you to enhance a photo in layers — Wearable company seems to be hoping for an Apple offer — Your iPhone can help improve your golf swing
    • Microsoft, Blackberry apps, free speedo, new games
      Microsoft may be rethinking its decision to build Office for iPad — BlackBerry Messenger for iOS adds voice calls, one-touch file-sharing and more — Free Speedometer — Lords of Waterdeep — Naughty Kitties
    • Clever apps
      inStatus is a photo editor that concentrates on text — iTranslate Voice delivers version 2.0 with new features and faster performance — iPad 2 about to be withdrawn? How to craft the perfect parallax wallpaper for your iPhone and iPad — Mynd keeps your life in order so you don't have to
    • Healthbook
      Rumoured forthcoming Apple Healthbook app — Radiohead releases free experimental iOS app called PolyFauna — How much of your phone is actually display — Cortado
    • Beatles, US history app, iPhone watcher
      Beatle channel on Apple TV — Filmmaker Ken Burns launches interactive American history iPad app — Catchr keeps and eye on your iPhone
    • Beatles, Shazam
      Apple creates Beatles channel — Shazam iPhone app redesign incoming with new features — Stop apps listening in
    • Apple wearable
      Apple and the wearable team — Apple to release iOS 7 in March — Apple logo welcome at Olympics after all — Watching Olympics on iDevices — Apple just procured enough Sapphire Crystal furnaces to make 100-200M 5-inch iPhone displays in Arizona — Infuse video app adds improvements — Flappy Birds so successful, developer pulls it — iPhone charges faster in Airport mode
    • Cover Apple logo at Olympics
      Olympic athletes ordered to cover Apple logos during the games — Burberry footage in Apple ad — Moves uses M7 more — Apple pulls last remaining Bitcoin wallet app from App Store — Localscope for iOS gets an update and continues to provide great location based info — Play to Cure: Genes in Space lets you fly spaceships and aid in cancer research at the same time — Apple jobs for health and fitness
    • Siri's new voices, FileMaker Go, sleep
      Say hello to Siri's new UK, Australian, and Japanese voices — Apple subsidiary FileMaker passes 1 million downloads of iOS app on App Store — Apple hires sleep research expert from Philips
    • Apple helps ObamaEd
      Apple pledges US$100 million's worth to Obama's ConnectED program — Google Maps for iOS now notifies drivers of alternative, faster routes while driving — Pebble gets an app store accessible through iOS app — PhotoScope lets you explore your iPhoto and Aperture libraries from iPhone, iPad
    • Apple healthcare
      Apple developing healthcare — M7-powered Pedometer++ gets major update with new design and export options — Adobe updates its film-editing iOS app — Sharktank boosts app
    • China, Apple TV, PDFs, fitness, Twitter
      Tim Cook: iPhone launch on China Mobile resulted in 'best week for activations we've ever had in China' — How to clean up your Apple TV's homescreen — PDF Scanner will get you clear scans of pages and create PDFs — App helps you get fitter with rudeness — Twitter for iOS updated with improved photo tools, content recommendations, more
    • Apple TV gets its own page
      Apple TV graduates to an product line — Evernote upgrades make sync four times faster — Chrome Apps to iOS — iBeacons in Holland — Naughty words Google voice search doesn't want to hear
    • iPhone 5c, iPod etcetera
      Tim Cook: iPhone 5c popular among first-time iPhone buyers, but not as popular as expected — Password security at is a level above the rest — iOS in the car — Rap lyrics app — iPod sales way down
    • Random iOS 7 reboots
      Apple to fix iOS 'screen of death' — Getting the best from iPhone 5s touch ID — Apple not bothered much with NFC — Find My iPhone finds two suspected thieves in Silicon Valley
    • eTextbooks
      Apple’s iBooks Textbooks & iTunes U Course Manager now available for New Zealand educators — iPad sales seem to be up — Twitterrific 5.6 adds streaming, list editing plus price drop — iPod launch predictions came true — developers like Jalada GmbH will eventually kill the Mac App Store
    • Tech store 1991
      iPhone replaces the roomful of equipment found in a 1991 Radio Shack ad — Stunning visual stories on your iPad
    • Tim Cook and China Mobile
      Tim Cook and China Mobile — The next seed of the iOS 7.1 beta — VLC released an update to its iOS app — Colourful organiser
    • Massive deal for iPhone in China
      iPhone sales in China last quarter set a new record — Louvre HD: Tour the world's great art from your iOS device — Skype for iPhone adds two-way HD videocalls and lockscreen chat notifications — Update for WWDC App — Your child make an in-app purchase by mistake? Apple will refund —
    • Horizon fixes curse of vertical video
      Horizon for iPhone always records landscape video, independent of device orientation — LA Board of Education approves $115-million deal to bring iPads to classrooms — Chrome for iOS adds data compression — Box brings 50GB of cloud storage to iOS with new design, search improvements, more — Apple expands 3D Flyover coverage in Maps to Cape Town, Helsinki, Marseille — Lacie Fuel is wireless portable drive for iDevices — Outread is a new speed reader app for the iPhone — Apple agrees to FTC consent decree on in-app purchases — Bossjock Studio a podcasting powerhouse
    • Perfectly Clear, board games & locations smarts
      Perfectly Clear for iOS corrects your photos with a tap or two — Three board games jump to iPhone, iPad — Five fun and useful things you can do with IFTTT's iPhone location triggers — Last Alert Pro lets your iPhone cry out for help
    • Scarlett vs Siri
      “What a backstabber,” Scarlett Johansson jokes after Siri diss — Thoughts on the latest iPad ad — Apple Asia online stores offer deals on iPhones, iPads, & Macs for Lunar New Year sale — The strange world of super-expensive apps
    • iPhone 6 rumours
      iPhone 6 rumours focus on camera — Spotify for iOS gets free to listen shuffle options — Snapchat offers phone number free — The five wearable tech takeaways
    • Peak iTunes
      Peak iTunes — Remote control and iOS camera from another iDevice — Air conditioner gets Apple MFi certification — YouTube for iOS updated — Developers respond to iOS 7.1 interface tweaks — ten tips
    • App Store sales top $10 billion
      Apple announces App Store sales top $10 billion in 2013 — Apple releases iOS 7.1 beta 3 to developers — iBeacon growing — iBooks on iPad — Epson makes a move into wearable
    • iPad in the surgery, more
      iPad in the surgery — Apple acquires rapid-fire camera company — Anti-bacterial Gorilla Glass — Kickstarter focuses on app development — Sync keyboard shortcuts between your iDevice and Mac — Siri unimpressed with fictional descendent
    • Find your iPhone
      Find your iPhone — Affordable training in Grey Lynn — site changes, Apple Watch etc
    • Apple says no to spying claims for iPhones
      Apple goes to bat on the NSA spying issues
    • Better portraits, app sales, FitBit
      How to shoot the best portraits with your iPhone — Christmas app flurry — FitBit now uses the M7
    • New iDevice
      New iDevice? Check out the holiday app sales — Setting up a new iPad
    • Apple Christmas ad
      Apple releases Christmas ad — Star Walk developers release numbers game — Apple and China Mobile sign deal to sell iPhones
    • Apple's Best of 2013
      Apple's best of 2013 in iTunes — Beyoncé becomes the fastest-selling record on iTunes in just three days — Opera's Coast browser for iPad gets makeover, ditches back/forward buttons — The original Tomb Raider game comes to iOS — Apple's seasonal iPhone ad — Qualcomm's Spinal Tap moment on the announcement of Apple's 64-bit chip
    • Free & exclusive music
      Apple's free Lorde gift — Remote gets more control — Updates not appearing in iTunes — Beyoncé releases new album in iTunes exclusive — Rare Beatles — Yahoo Weather for iPad — Evernote gets premium business card scanning — Localscope for iPad — Stephen Hawking app teaches with game play — Holiday hours, changes etc
    • Instagram, Microsoft, Facebook ...
      Instagram announces 'direct' feature — Microsoft has released a new iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch application for IT administrators — Facebook enables auto-playing News Feed videos in iOS app — Plants vs Zombies — Apple details Samsung's misconduct — iColorama
    • Updates, changes, games
      Pinterest gets a major update to its iPad app for the holiday season — Spotify moves to ad-supported — iPhone 5c manufacturer under the gun again — Angry Birds GO! — Google Drive app gets sorting — Valve revamps Steam Mobile for iOS — The Wolf Among Us — Twitter update
    • 12 days of gifts
      12 days of gifts — App aims to scientifically improve your sight — Former Apple engineer trims the Square credit card reader — SnapGuide helps you do all sorts of things — Viber announces out-calls — Enhanced Baldur's Gate later this month — Country music video shot entirely on an iPhone 5s — And speaking of the iPhone 5s: stock is at 100% — High-fidelity podcasts app
    • iOS 7 hits 74%
      iOS 7 hits 74% — More than 1 million apps are now available on the US App Store — Apple still has the top US smartphone — Microsoft updates Bing for iPad — Wake up to Pandora — iBeacon in Apple Stores — Human app gets you moving
    • Apple gets sales boosts
      Apple dominated US Black Friday sales — Help your kids keep track of Santa while you travel with the NORAD Santa Tracker app — Obama can't use an iPhone for 'security reasons' — Plex updated for iOS 7 — Short film depicts a day in the life of an iPhone — iDevices making inroads in enterprise — Another Foursquare update
    • iPhone 5s prices around the world
      Countries where an iPhone can cost 20 percent of the average annual income — FireCore's Infuse media player — Honda takes a step towards integrating iOS into the Civic — iBeacon lets bar patrons read Newsstand mags — Google Wallet — Apple giving away a holiday music album — Judge Denise Cote responds to Apple's concerns over court-appointed monitor — iOS 7 on 70% adoption in the US — Five apps to help you read faster and remember more
    • Incredibly realistic finger-painted portrait
      Incredibly realistic portrait of actor Morgan Freeman finger-painted in Procreate — Moves is the fitness app of the future — Expert PDF app from the Ukraine — Photographer's light meter attaches to iPhone — PopCalc is a cross between a spreadsheet and a calculator — Apple going to greater lengths to support older devices than Google
    • Ad, apps, recording, lawsuit
      Amazon ad mocks Jony Ive and iPad Air — Animation Desk — Cat drawing on an iPad — Getting ahead of an Angry Birds release — Judge dismisses tracking lawsuit against Apple — iPad as a recording studio
    • Pages & Word, anti-iPad & iTranslate
      Pages round-tripping improved with Microsoft Word — Sigh: Microsoft releases two anti iPad ads — Popular translation app reaches iPad
    • iPhone numbers, lens deal ...
      iPhone top smartphone by far in Japan — Numbers for iPhone manufacture — Black Friday deals include iDevice lenses — App Store becomes more forgiving of misspellings
    • Deals, updates & news
      Infinity Blade is free to download this week — Procreate gets a free update — Apple confirms PrimeSense deal — Hearing Aid — Assassin's Creed: Pirates — Apple wins patent suit — Fixya reports five top issues for iPhones — Google's chairman posts guide to going to Android — Grand Theft
    • iLife on iPad
      iLife on iPad — iPhones could soon be cleared for inflight use — USB Disk Pro makes moving files between your Mac and iOS easy — Dropbox app gets a new look — Producing a podcast entirely with iOS is easier than you might think — Microsoft improves the SkyDrive app with photo backup
    • Game controller, updates & more
      Logitech PowerShell Controller + Battery's NZ pricing, availability — Apple iPad event spray paint spills over to this year’s holiday gift cards — Microsoft SkyDrive now auto-uploads photos from iOS devices — Reznor iDevice-Facetimes a dying friend from stage — Tumblr update — Weather Underground iPhone app gets crowdsourced weather, iOS 7 style — Analyse and report yourself
    • Apple vs Samsung & lots of updates
      Apple's US$380 million case against Samsung goes to jury — Logitech Powershell game controller — Google Maps SDK gets 64-bit support — Microsoft SmartGlass app — Twitter update — Survival GPS — Apple releases Find My Friends 3.0 with iOS 7 face-lift — Updated PayPal app — lossless, high-fidelity music on iOS
    • Siri, Moves, iOS 7.1, North Korea, Theremin
      Apple's rumoured PrimeSense purchase would open Siri's eyes — Five lifestyle apps that'll keep you moving with the M7 motion co-processor — Next iOS 7 update promises improvements — North Korea angers Angry Birds ... by stealing it — iPhone Theremin
    • Retina mini, iWork, updates etc
      Retina mini the best but pricey — iWork gets more collaboration features — Fantastical update — Foxconn changes resources from iPhone 5c to 5s — Apple 'bet the firm' on the iPhone — 163-year-old Harpers Magazine reaches iOS — BlackBerry Messenger — Camera Plus — Simple and fun sampler
    • Speedo, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Office
      Speedo with GPS — MapQuest — Gmail app gets big update — YouTube Capture also updated — No Microsoft Office apps
    • iPad mini with Retina teardown
      What's inside an iPad mini with Retina Display? The mini's 'soft launch' — New Zealand gets iAd Workbench — AirBnB makeover — Make your own backgrounds — BBC Weather App gets iPad support
    • iPad mini with Retina on sale now
      iPad mini with Retina on sale now — Original iPad mini — Custom-designed polyurethane Smart Covers for iPad mini with Retina display and iPad mini — iPad mini is as fast as an iPhone 5s — Apple doubles developer promo codes — iPhone 5s shipping times improve — Viber to new version — TweetBot gets missing features back
    • 12 years of iPod
      12 years of iPod — Twitterrific gains new features — Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft — ProCamera 7 adds some smart features — Shotgun-proof iPhone case — Facebook app gets post editing on iPad — Roman Ruins app — Numbers for iOS 7 review — Free iWork
    • iPhoto for iOS, Google Drive, Runkeeper, Nexus, Tiny Death Star
      iPhoto for iOS 7 reviewed — Google Drive for iOS — Runkeeper gets background walk detection for 5s users — Long term iOS user spends time with a Google Nexus tablet — Tiny Death Star
    • iPad Air reviewed by Macworld
      iPad Air reviewed — Which has a better camera, iPhone 5s or Nexus? Yahoo's finance app gets an update — Apple Store app for iPhone updated with multi-country Passbook gift card support (but still not for NZ) — New iPhones boost Apple's numbers
    • iPad Air has higher tech
      iPad Air has higher tech, but cheaper to make — Nike+ Fuelband — Apple's Remote gets an update — Google search app gets voice — New Keynote for iOS is 'more clearly a win' — Pages for iOS review
    • iPad Air on sale today
      iPad Air on sale now in NZ — iFixit Australia has already torn it down — Best apps for the new iPad Air — Dating app covers STDs
    • iPad Air on sale ... elsewhere
      Outside of New Zealand, the iPad Air goes on sale, gets rave reviews — iPhone amongst the most important of digital cameras — Deputy Sheriff's iPhone charger stops dangerous bullet — what goes into updating an app — SloMo face slaps — Airline passengers can now use devices — Apple stops developers from using the gold iPhone 5s in promo material — Apple promoting its own stock iOS apps for popular App Store search queries
    • Halloween by Snapr
      Halloween apps by Kiwis — Keeping track of your trick or treating rich kids — Some iPhone 5s units have bad battery life
    • Devs and fines
      Devs gain ability to delete fake scores from Game Center leaderboards — Apple ordered to pay 12 million Euros — Calendars 5 — Leak says a third of Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watches are being returned
    • Updates all over
      AppleTV software updated — The Loop Magazine 2.0 improves on the original — Auris Skye turns your old 30-pin speaker dock into an AirPlay speaker — Haunting Melissa — Tweetbot gets paid update
    • Blackberry app & 13-inch iPad
      Blackberry app — 13-inch iPad?
    • Top 39 apps for new iPads
      Top 39 apps for the new iPads — Apple's last paid app also goes free — Pokémon iPhone backgrounds — Evernote gets new features — Free Microsoft app for paid subscriber service
    • New thinner iPads, iLife apps
      New thinner iPad Air with Retina Display — new iPad mini — new iLife apps
    • New iPads tomorrow?
      Apple's big event tomorrow and iDevices — Apple ad for the iPhone 5s — What's it like to work in an Apple Store — Apple states it can't read your iMessages — iPhone compasses all over the place — Microsoft has released its Remote Desktop app for iOS
    • Anki Drive
      Smart slot racer Anki Drive will launch October 23 — Apple leaks new iLife for iOS icons, suggesting updates soon — iPhone 2g is now a collectors' item — Making iOS 7's text more readable
    • London, Xero, eBooks & updates
      Apple to stream October 22 event to London — Xero app — eBooks for all — Safari best online browser — Google's YouTube app
    • News, facts & figures
      Sports photography with iPhone 5s — iPhone has 14% of Samsung's home market — Fuelband SE is iPhone-ready — Icons for developers — Device security tips — Snapchat passing on video to law enforcement agencies — PayPal to integrate with Revel iPad point of sale
    • Parallax
      How to make good Parallax wallpapers — Apple compensating late iWork for iOS buyers — iPads are special for special needs — iOS 7 wins usability test
    • iPhone 5c and New Zealand
      iPhone 5c and New Zealand — iRig Midi pedalboard — Israeli intelligence officers and the look of iOS 7 — Google's cool cloud-based tools for iOS — iPhone and the fall of Nokia — Apple advertising for jobs in China — Microsoft acquires iTap assets
    • New iPhones for New Zealand
      New iPhones announced for NZ, with pricing — Developers can use all the colours now — October 22nd Apple Event could see launch of new iPads
    • National Geographic shoot on iPhone 5s
      Scottish Highlands shot by National Geographic on iPhone 5s — Camera+ adds features for iOS 7 — Ballmer says Microsoft Office for iPad is coming ... but after Metro Office apps for Windows — Evernote goes two-step for all — Google CEO says Android more secure than iOS. The audience laughed — Spelling game — Dongle and app serves to trigger DSLRs
    • Stress in original iPhone development
      Stress in original iPhone's development — Apple's iOS 7 tips and tricks for new iPhones — Apple acquires a PA app called Cue — Microsoft updates Skype — How to set up and use Evernote
    • Those benchmark fudgers
      Apple requesting sanctions against Samsung — Apple, Motorola do not fudge benchmarks — Google Chrome for iOS reveals history — Amplitube discounts — App that clears up photos
    • Androids' cheatin' benchmarks
      Almost all Android smartphones cheat their benchmarks — How Siri gained its voice — How the iPhone helps the visually impaired see more than previously — Apple acknowledges iMessage bug in iOS 7: a fix is on the way — The good and the bad in iOS 7 — Fractal app
    • Inflated Galaxy benchmarks, Pratly app
      Apple's Schiller calls out Samsung on inflated Galaxy Note 3 benchmarks — Success and Kickstarter for NZ 3D app company — Messages bug in iOS 7 — Delta airline gives in to Microsoft, ditches iPad — Check out TUAW's list of new and interesting apps
    • Every iPhone speed tested
      Every iPhone model speed tested — The tech behind the iPhone 5s camera — Apple to continue using Samsung as a chip manufacturer — App adds slo-mo video — Pearl Mountain Collage app for free — macnz site refresh chance to win Armageddon pass
    • Update for iOS 7
      Update for iOS 7 — Apple's iPhone revenue surpasses giants — Video teaches how to arrange notifications — LensTutorial — Dispute on iPhone 5s and c sales ratios — AmpliTube Slash, Jimi Hendrix, and Fender iOS apps discounted
    • iPhone 5s outselling 5c
      78% of new iPhones sold globally are iPhone 5s models — That new camera — iPhone 5s slo-mo video — Instagram for iOS 7 — Microsoft paying North American customers to hand over iDevices — Deleting Messages — Boeing maintenance apps for iPad — Phonedog video-reviews iPhone 5s in two parts — MagBytes out tonight
    • New iPhones benchmarked
      New iPhones benchmarked by Macworld — How to use new iOS 7 nested folders — Component costs of new iPhones — FIFA 14 goes free
    • NYPD recommends iOS 7
      New York Police Department wants you to upgrade to iOS 7 — iOS 7 passes iOS 6 record — iPhone 5s blitzes in the performance stakes — Apple sells 9 million new iPhones in one weekend — Recut iPhone ad debuts at the Emmys — Mac Campfire client makes it to iOS
    • Australia gets the new iPhones
      New iPhones on sale in Australia — Australians tear down the new iPhones — Making space for, then installing, iOS 7 — Getting to grips with iOS 7 — Want to go back to iOS 6? Apps retooled for iOS 7 — Google Office — 5 Tip Friday
    • iOS 7 is available
      iOS 7 is available — iOS 7 multitasking — iOS 7 and battery life, call changes — Siri looks and feels different — How to use AirDrop, Control Center and more tips — Protection — Infinity Blade III — Pandora updates
  • Reviews
    The latest Apple Mac and Apple-related hardware and software reviewed for New Zealand and global Mac users
    • Review Moshi iVisor Glass iPhone screen protector
      Finally, a handsome screen protector that offers a high level of protection with perfect clarity
    • Review Logitech +drive Mount
      I’ve seen a few car mounts in my time, but this one is definitely something new and well worth consideration. The +drive takes a novel approach of a magnet rather than some kind of fiddly clamp
    • Review Logitech case+energy for iPhone 5/5s
      A smart case with an extra battery charge plus a magnetic connector – what else could you ask for?
    • Review Washing Machine 2014 by Intego
      Your Mac can fill up before you know it – here's a utility that promises to make space, find duplicates and even organise the Finder and Dock
    • Review Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio for iPad Air
      Logitech keyboard case for the new iPad Air is slim, strong and cleverly designed
    • Review 2013 15-inch Haswell MacBook Pro
      Looking exactly the same as the mid 2012 MacBook Pro, the latest in the 15-inch range, as expected, gained the new Haswell CPU from Intel, but other changes make for an interesting conclusion
    • Review Logitech Z50 speaker
      A speaker in a cup – what's not to like? It's a cup of sound
    • Review Logitech G440 Hard Surface mousepad
      Logitech's G440 Hard Surface gamer mousepad offers large-scale precision mousing
    • Review iRig Pro
      IK Multimedia's professional quality audio interface for Mac and iDevice
    • Review mid-2013 Haswell 27-inch iMac
      It just shipped and it's available now – what does the new Haswell CPU promise in an iMac, and does it deliver?
    • Review BioShock Infinite
      BioShock Infinite won loads of awards when it first shipped a few months ago, and now Mac users can enjoy the same experience, as long as their Macs are up to it
    • Review Logitech z600 Bluetooth speakers
      Logitech z600 Bluetooth speakers have been styled to look good with any Mac
    • Review Logitech G500 Laser Gaming Mouse
      Logitech's G500 Laser Gaming Mouse is a physically and virtually-configurable right-handed input device that's compatible with Macs
    • Review Logic Pro part 2
      Towards the mix while exploring Arpeggiator, Logic Remote on iPad and more in Apple's new pro audio software. (Sorry this took so long – lots to learn and I had a really bad cold.)
    • Review Logic Pro X part 1 — all you can eat!
      In the first part of this big review for a complex product, I'll cover creative capabilities
    • Review Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock for Mac
      The Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock solves all your MacBook connectivity problems in one sleek unit – for a price (updated with Thunderbolt speeds)
    • Review STM Velo 15-inch laptop bag
      It has special laptop and iPad cushioned sleeves and pockets galore, and it's tough and waterproof
    • Review Adonit Jot Classic iDevice stylus
      Some people prefer a quality writing and/or drawing implement, and this is one such
    • Review Braven BRV-1 BT wireless weatherproof speaker
      Fancy a weatherproof speaker with a good sound and more power, that plays your iPhone's music without wires? No worries.
    • Review Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad review
      It's a strong case yet it's also a decent keyboard – what could be nicer?
    • Review Logitech M555b Bluetooth mouse
      The Logitech M555b Bluetooth mouse needs no cables and features hyperfast scrolling
    • Review Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam
      Logitech’s been undertaking a positive effort to make products for Apple users again, and mostly it’s doing a top class job of it. The idea of this camera is that, using a Mac, iPad or iPhone you can control and preview video. It doesn’t even surpass your built-in camera, as you can use both. You can then edit in iMovie or Final Cut, or just video chat via Skype, FaceTime or iChat (if you still have that)
    • Review Suunto Ambit watch
      With all the speculation about an Apple ‘iWatch’, I got the opportunity to look at something like it; a Finnish Suunto Ambit GPS watch. Since this recently received a prestigious Good Design award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in cooperation with the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies, I figured it would be a good example
    • Review Snapheal 2.2
      Adding great erasing tools to other image retouching features addresses a gap in iPhoto
    • Review Magician Mac utility
      It’s not often I review something that’s free, but I have had so many emails regarding what people should do about constant entreaties to buy MacKeeper that I feel it’s timely to look at utilities, what they do and show a pretty comprehensive new and free example called Magician
    • Review Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad T651 for Mac
      I like it when companies with this kind of clout make products for Apple devices, as they’re invariably-well made and well thought out. This large trackpad connects wirelessly via Bluetooth and it’s rechargeable via a supplied mini USB cable
    • Review NetSpot 2
      Easily and comprehensively analyse your wireless network with this excellent software tool – but you need a Mac laptop.
    • Review Audio Technica Stereo Condenser microphone ATR6250
      This microphone delivers better on-camera sound for your filming with video cameras or DSLRs
    • Review Logitech UE 6000 headphones
      Logitech UE 6000 headphones with active noise cancellation
    • Review Logitech UE Boombox
      A Swiss company that manufactures where everyone else manufactures, Logitech has a long history of making mostly excellent computer and device peripherals.
    • Review LaCie Rugged Triple 1TB

      The French external hard drive firm was recently acquired by hard drive supplier Seagate and has now produced some Thunderbolt and USB 3 hard drives – this unit combines both those connection technologies
    • Review iRig Mix
      The iRig Mix box lets you use your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad in conjunction with other devices to mix music with EQ, crossfader, headphone cue and mic input, and to play guitar or sing via apps along with a stereo (or into headphones)
    • Review Belkin Car Charger with Lightning connector
      New Product: Belkin Car Charger with Lightning connector
    • Review iRig Keys
      A light, trim keyboard that works equally well with a Mac or an iDevice
    • Review iRig Stomp
      iRig Stomp is a real stomp box that triggers AmpliTube app-based effects
    • Review Two IK Multimedia microphones
      The Italian company IK Multimedia has a long association with sound and music technology for Macs and iDevices, and has lately branched out into hardware
    • Review Epson XP-700 multifunction
      Wireless printer aims to solve all your needs in one trim package
    • Review Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 for Mac
      I love and hate wireless keyboards. I love the convenience of no wired connections tangling up on my desk, but I hate lost connections and worse, the batteries dying at the most inconvenient of times. This keyboard solves everything.
    • Review Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery
      Utility app rescues deleted images – I have about ten products to review, so this is the first of a swathe ...
    • Review: Retina MacBook Pro (mid 2012)
      I tested a MacBook Pro with Retina Display specced out to 16GB RAM, 2.6GHz Quad-Core Intel Ivy Bridge i7 and a 512GB SSD for storage against a mid-2012 MacBook Pro, specced out in its day with a high-res display, 8GB RAM and a fast 7200RPM 500GB drive
    • Plantronics Backbeat GO earbuds
      Plantronics Backbeat GO earbuds – great cable-free concept, let down by insufficient volume and bass
    • Review Lifeproof iPhone case
      LifeProof iPhone 4/4S case — Once you’ve got your iPhone, you want to look after it
    • Review iStabilizer
      A handy, bendy clamping tripod for iPhones and iPod touch with camera
    • New cases and bags
      STM and NVS have you covered for your devices
    • Review Canon Speedlite 320EX
      Sophisticated, versatile, yet easy to use
    • Corel AfterShot Pro
      Corel has entered the professional and prosumer photo wrangling market with some new software
    • iPhone 4S
      Armistice Day brought the iPhone 4S to New Zealand. I've had a week with it, and here's what I found.
    • Philips O'Neill Stretch headphones
      Philips has collaborated with O’Neill, the surfboard maker, to create some headphones (three models, Stretch, Specked earbuds and Snug) that suit the active outdoors life more. That, married to an impressive set of sound reproduction specifications, means the Stretch headphones are worth a good look.
    • Philips Fidelio DS8550
      Industrial design is oh so important, and Apple gets criticised for dumbing down devices for the sake of slick products. But I love that. I’m so used to Apple devices, it’s a shock when I have to struggle with a product from another brand – why does a DVD player need to be hard to use? But Philips has made something good here, that works well with an iDevice
    • Iomega Mac Companion 2TB hard drive
      Back in the day, Iomega was a solid supporter of the Apple world – their Bernoulli drives and then Zip disks must have graced every Mac toting agency in the world, and although they also made products for PCs, they were regarded as the Mac friendly go-to guys for hard drives and portable storage.
    • NetSpot
      I don't normally review Beta software, but this one's free while in Beta and it shows a handy map of your WiFi signal strength so you can see exactly what's what with your wireless network.
    • Review Final Cut Pro X
      This is probably my longest review yet, at over 5000 words, but there's a lot to cover! At end, though: I love this version, despite its failings. There's far, far more good than bad.
    • ArcticSound P281 headphones
      A budget set of headphones from Arctic sound surprisingly good
    • Arctic Sound E361-BM earbuds with microphone
      Based in Switzerland, Arctic Cooling's new E361-BM earbuds are stylish and reproduce detailed sound with great accuracy
    • Arctic E352 earbuds
      Wooden earbuds from Arctic Cooling promise more bass
    • Dragon Dictate
      Some have a dream – that they can sit there and chat to their Mac and the words appear as text on a screen. This dream is not a dream – not with Dragon Dictate.
    • Kanex iAdapt V2 Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adaptor
      Ever wanted to plug your Mac – most likely a laptop – into an HD TV? Sometimes when I am presenting, I find TVs installed instead of projectors. Or you might just want to use that lovely HD LCD TV you have to show a movie or a slideshow. Now you can.
    • JVC Everio GSTD1 3D video camera
      JVC’s first consumer 3D camcorder is an interesting looking beast – it has two lenses in its wide (but still handy) body. So from the front it looks rather like Wal-E. It shoots 3D video in full HD.
    • Canon PowerShot SX30 IS
      The new PowerShot SX30 IS is the world’s first digital compact camera to house a huge super telephoto 35x zoom. In the old-fashioned nomenclature of analogue photography, this is equivalent to a 24mm ‘wide-angle’ lens that zooms in to 300mm (and further, with digital zoom, but who uses that?).
    • a-JAYS four earbuds with mic & remote
      Flat, black, tangle free cord, stylish speakers and an easy to handle remote control for iPhone
    • Stellar Phoenix Macintosh 4.1
      Have you ever lost files? Usually this is inadvertent – you put them in the trash. Then you emptied it. Can you raise these files from the ashes? Fortunately, yes – and here's a new option
    • v-JAYS Heavy Duty Bass Speakers
      The v-JAYS Heavy Duty Bass Speakers are actually Swedish-designed headphones. They have Mylar speakers in the headpieces. With a light, sturdy frame and square, rounded-corner speakers, they are elegant and unobtrusive
    • NVS iPad case
      Looking like a large well-padded wallet when closed, this new-to-NZ hand-made leather NVS case opens up to allow setting the screen in any of four angles in wide-screen orientation, or you can stand it on one side for an upright, portrait view.
    • t-JAYS Three earbuds
      A premium earbud under the microscope – how do the more expensive earbuds from Sweden stack up? They have better bass and more accessories, including a travel case, the same range of earbud sleeves for a perfect fit and they're loud.
    • a-JAYS One review
      New Swedish-origin JAYS earbuds and headphones are now available in New Zealand. They are black, well-made and sound pretty good. Here's the first of three reviews of these slinky black devices.
    • Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700
      MacBooks and other laptops get warm – even hot, depending on use and conditions. Running Final Cut Pro – or even iTunes sometimes – can really get the fans to spin-up and work overtime.
    • Microsoft Office:Mac 2011
      Microsoft is caught with any Mac release in two ways. Firstly, all those PC switchers and/or those who use a PC at work, say, and a Mac at home want the experience to be extremely similar, both for the sake of ease of use, and for productivity. This is a most reasonable expectation, and if Microsoft’s assertion that a billion Macs and PCs are running Office in one form or another is true, it's certainly an expectation with considerable weight!
    • FutureMouse Swiftpoint
      Kiwi ingenuity – designed in Christchurch and made in Thailand, the Swiftpoint promises to be a revolutionary device. For one thing, it’s tiny – with is partly the point. It’s so small you can happily use it on the space below the keyboard and beside the central trackpad on most laptops, and most definitely this is the case for all Apple laptops
    • 27-inch i7 iMac
      I recently checked out the latest new iMac, a top-of-the-line 2.93GHz with the bigger 2TB traditional-style hard drive fitted (not the SSD) and 12GB RAM. It took seven days to arrive once ordered, outfitted and shipped direct from China. You can track these purchases online (shipping is free) as they approach, which is cool.
    • Review Epson Workforce 633
      What everyone seems to want these days is the ability to print from iPads, iPod touches and iPhones – with the increasing use of workday applications on, particularly, iPads, you can imagine why – a printout of that Numbers spreadsheet, for example. This printer handles that fine.
    • Clickfree C2 Automatic backup
      The C2 is another all-in-one design with the USB cable built right in, except this time it’s a hard drive. It offers the usual Clickfree automatic backup of PC or Mac computers, along with iPod music and playlist import
    • Clickfree Traveller
      The Clickfree Traveler is a sleek, automatic backup solution that’s in between the size of a credit card and a postcard, and it’s only about 2mm thick. With a brushed aluminium chassis, it suits the Pro Macs in looks.
    • Clickfree backup devices
      Canadian company Clickfree, inventors of ‘effortless computer backup’, has just launched four feature-rich, simple-to-use backup solutions on the New Zealand market. Clickfree products are able to backup multiple computers, networks and mobile storage devices, like the iPod, iPad and iPhone easily and effortlessly.
    • Review Drive Genius 3
      It’s always in your interests to monitor and check the condition of your Mac’s hard drive, and while the free Apple Disk Utility in your Utilities' folder inside the Applications' folder can do the basics, if you want more, or continuous monitoring, you should be looking further afield.
    • Lexar Echo ZE 16GB USB drive
      Little tiny USB drive packs in the Gigabytes. Physically, ‘thumb drives’ are usually about the size of a thumb, logically enough. But this thing is about the size of a thumb nail! Despite that, it holds a very impressive 16GBs of data.
    • iRig guitar interface
      Since an iPhone (and an iPod touch, for that matter) is a computer, and because it’s so portable, with a couple of little add-ons, it becomes oh, so much more. Most add-ons are apps, of course, like the iStethoscope that 3 million doctors have already downloaded – you can literally use your iPhone as a stethoscope for $1.29. A few add-ons, though, are physical, like this little iRig device from IK Multimedia.
    • Arctic sound speakers & headphones
      Some OK little speakers, a not-great-for-Mac gaming headset, but wonderful Bluetooth ’phones
    • Flip Boom All Star
      This software aims to make it easy to animate, with a set of characters to get you started. And it is easy to use – drag-and-drop easy.
    • Four products in one review
      Short reviews: This stuff has been building up on me so I decided to do them all in one review: Blue Lounge CableDrop multipurpose cable clips; Australian SmirkAbout budsocks, SmirkAbout iPhone and iPod skins and Norton Internet security for Mac and Windows
    • Review – Adobe Indesign CS5
      When I started this, I thought 'great, should be able to knock this review off in no time, it looks almost the same as the CS4 version'. Nope! A week later, I am surprised and pleased to say that's not the case. This new version is close enough that you can keep working without noticing much difference, but when you do start noticing, you'll be very pleasantly surprised.
    • Adobe CS5: Photoshop v12
      Adobe's new Creative Suite 5 is full of features that will make you work faster, more efficiently and collaborate more easily. I start the reviews with Photoshop, which reaches v12 in this incarnation.
    • 15-inch i7 MacBook Pro, May 2010
      My 2007 MacBook Pro, which I was so proud of three years ago, looks decidedly dated beside the new i7 version. It has a slightly lower profile with the lid closed, more rounded corners to slip into a bag more easily, and its slick, shiny screen is surrounded by the black bezel.
    • Canon G11 pro-pocketable
      My everyday camera has been a Canon PowerShot G6, a 7.1 megapixel prosumer point and shoot I have been using constantly for nearly five years. The latest in the series, the G11, also gets the ‘prosumer’ title due to its features, high-end processor and the ability to shoot manually (with caveats).
    • Canon IXUS 200 IS
      Canon's new range of compacts features some touch-screen models like this IXUS 200 IS. It's amazing what Canon can pack all this into such small yet such a competent camera
    • Phitek Black Box M10 headphones
      Phitek Black Box M10 Noise Cancellation headphones take the pain out of air travel while delivering excellent sound quality
    • Apple Aperture 3
      Two-hundred new features sounds pretty impressive for any software, and it’s hard to imagine how many you could add to what’s basically a pro version of iPhoto. But Apple managed it, for sure.
    • Intego VirusBarrier X6
      Another entry into the flashy, powerful Mac antivirus arsenal is Intego VirusBarrier X6. And it does seem to be all those things (both flashy and powerful).
    • Review data Rescue 3
      I have used Data Rescue in previous versions to restore a lecturer’s lost high-resolution photographs that were inadvertently trashed. What a Godsend! Here's the latest version ...
    • Sims 3 World Adventures
      The Sims is one of the few extremely successful computer games with a significant female following, plus simultaneous Mac and PC releases. The first of the Sims 3 expansion packs is World Adventures. Ary Jansen has been reviewing The Sims for national magazines since she was 12 – here's her take on this new game extender exclusively for mac-nz.
    • Snow Leopard Server
      The idea with a server is that it’s on all the time, doing its … you know, serving. That’s why a server is normally installed on a standalone computer that’s not doing anything else, although it is possible to use it as your Mac, as the typical Apple apps are all there, just like on any other OS X Mac, (apart from iLife) along with some extra server tools.
    • Early 2009 Mac Pro Quad Core
      The benchmark for all Apple machines is the Mac Pro. And it's heavy enough to mark some benches, too. Whereas you may, these days, see the occasionally iMac in pro studios, you’re much more likely to see a great big visual statement of the aluminium tower, purring away in its austere beauty.
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      • Michael Lopp – 8 years at Apple
        Michael recently wrote the book Being Geek (a career handbook for geeks and nerds). He also wrote Managing Humans that explains that while you might be rewarded for your products, you will only be successful because of your people. He's a Silicon Valley man born and bred, and recently worked for Apple.
      • Don McGlashan, Dean Spanley & Macs
        I was enchanted by the movie Dean Spanley, and the soundtrack played a big part in that enchantment. So I asked musician-composer Don McGlashan about that, and about the Macs in his life.
      • Kiwa Media, the iPad & QBook
        With the iPad, Apple could become a leading intermediary for the publishing business, as it largely has for the music industry. Magazine and newspaper publishers have been working on iPad editions for months already. Over here in Auckland, Kiwa Media has been working on an iPad book solution for a year – just read this fascinating interview with Luke Tomes.
      • Bruce Ferguson of
        Bruce Ferguson of – audio-visuals ‘to the Macs’ – As the final moments of Webstock finished, a tremendous show was projected onto the end wall of the Wellington Town Hall. It not only encompassed (indeed, used) the massive Wellington Town Hall pipe organ, it was tailored to fit every alcove in the wall behind as well. I found out how it was done – using Macs, of course. (Pic – L-R Shaun, Mike and Bruce)
      • Interview: futurist Mark Pesce
        Mark Pesce (pronounced, I believe, ‘peshi’) worked in California as a networking coder for Apple in the 1980s and ’90s then went on to invent virtual reality patents. After moving to Australia, he has been working with media and business professionals to integrate the lessons of the first decade of the web into 21st-century business practices using social media and other tech phenomena.
      • Brian Fring on iPhone, iPad & the future
        Brian Fling of Seattle is an expert on mobile app design and implementation across platforms. An abridged version of this interview is on Mac Planet on the NZ Herald – this is the full, fascinating interview covering mobile apps, iPhone and iPad. It's fascinating insight into mobile apps and the future of technology
      • Eric Wilfrid, Microsoft Mac BU
        Eric Wilfrid of Microsoft started programming in BASIC when he was eight. Now he heads the Mac Business Unit.
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