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The home of Apple info for New Zealanders, mac-nz serves daily Mac, iPhone and related news from the world of Apple Inc.

For reviews, tips, advice and interviews of new Apple and related hardware and software, check the Newsletter section.

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About this site — is owned by Mark Webster, experienced writer and IT commentator and former editor of NZ Macguide magazine (2002-2007). He has worked exclusively with Apple equipment for 23 years. Mark writes an Apple blog for the New Zealand Herald online under Technology: Apple Watch

About Me

This site, mac-nz, is an independent selection of Apple Mac and iOS/iDevice news and reviews for New Zealand, covering Apple Mac and iDevice hardware and software and accessories, to make it easy to find the most up-to-date reviews, news and information on Apple Mac and iPhone, and related, products.

macnz is run by Hip Enterprises Ltd. Hip Enterprises' director Mark Webster writes for the NZ Herald online (the Mac Planet blog).

Mark is a writer and speaker on tech topics, and on history. 

Mark also releases the monthly MagBytes newsletter to a free, private subscriber list anyone can join. MagBytes covers Apple news, rumours and combines all the 5-Tip Friday tips for the preceding month.

Training: Mark Webster was the editor of Macguide magazine (2002-2007) and author of Assembly: NZ Car Assembly 1921-1998 (Reed Books 2002). He wrote for NZ Classic Car magazine for many years up until 2007, and for Tone, Netguide and D-photo

Mark is author of the Apple Watch blog on the NZ Herald online and works as a writer and speaker on tech topics. 

Mark releases the monthly MagBytes newsletter to a free subscriber list anyone can join. MagBytes covers Apple news, rumours and combines all the 5-Tip Friday tips for the preceding month from his mac-nz site.

Mark trains groups or one-to-one on a range of Apple topics, for new-to-Mac, switchers from Windows or those who want to move up a level or two in their Mac use, and trains in the use of iDevices (ie, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) and how to get more out of them. Earlier in 2013, he assisted in the training of over 1200 ASB employees in their transition from iPhone and iPad.


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Contact Mark Webster by email, or write to: macnz, PO Box 47036, Ponsonby, Auckland 1144, New Zealand.

Writing: compulsive, obsessive, you know it – I write stuff that doesn't fit into my existing blogs and magazines, so I put that on my own personal page. Please feel free to read it.